AI Chatbot for your Business to Connect Customers and Grow Faster

What is AI Chatbot?

AI Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence Software that can simulate conversation with a user through text and voice methods. It is intelligently programmed to respond to human interactions. AI Chatbot can be used as a medium such as to send SMS, website chat window and social messaging services to receive and reply to messages.

It is one of the most advanced and promising expressions of interaction between humans and machines.

Why AI Chatbot?

AI Chatbot is useful for human in many ways like they have personalities, they create natural conversation with users, even they can learn from their past conversation.

  • Saves time and money

Chatbots create automatic conversations that would require an employee/ agent to handle. As more visitors join your website, the number of messages may grow. Instead of having an employee that answers all the messages you can use AI Chatbot and get the same work done more efficiently. This will help in saving your time as well as money also.

  • Generates qualified leads

AI Chatbots always use appropriate questions so that they can gather the correct information that is required to filter out unqualified prospects. In this way your sales representatives get more qualified leads without answering the same kind of questions over and over again.

  • Guide user in professional way

AI Chatbot has the capability that it can guide the user in simple way. Your visitors may also not know the right place to find information. Even they do not have the proper idea that what exactly they are looking for. AI Chatbot can handle such tasks very easily. Ask always qualifying questions and route users to the appropriate place of your website.

  • Create a 24*7 Support System

Users may expect a reply within a few hours of posting the questions. There are some companies that typically take up to 10 hours to respond to the same query. AI Chatbots in such cases answer user queries when none of your representatives or agents available is active. AI Chatbots provides instant answers to user queries 24*7 even during emergencies.

How to create?

Building an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for your business requires some serious expertise. At the base level, an AI chatbot is fed input data, which it interprets and translates into a relevant output – or the response the user receives after asking a question. So the AI chatbot receives information from a programmer. And then over time, it’s “trained” to understand context through several algorithms that involve tagging parts of speech.

AI Chatbot a Learning Champion

AI Chatbot is too smart; learning from the old conversation becomes a trend for the chatbot. An intelligent Chatbot is one that is capable of learning things from the previous conversations all the time to improve its performance. The modules user modeling and the natural language understanding help to perform better by learning continuously. Machine learning (ML) algorithms and human supervisors enable the learning of the chatbot.

The ability to learn is a key factor in making a Chatbot too intelligent. With deep learning, AI Chatbot become good learners.

Key Features:

  • Powerful NLP

AI Chatbot has exceptional NLP capabilities to understand the context of what user write or speak for right answer.

  • Omni-Channel Capability

Our AI Chatbot has the capability that seamlessly integrates over multiple channels like social platform, mobile apps, web apps, etc.

  • CRM Integration

Our intelligent Chatbot has a capability that it can easily be integrated with Customized CRM Software to optimize workflow.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Using AI Chatbot will minimize the need to hire agents for support so they are cost-effective in the long term

  • Real Time Analytics

Our future AI Chatbots provide great user experience. They offer user analytics in real-time for running your business successfully.