Android Dialer App a Requirement of Modern Call Centers

Vert-Age Android Dialer App for handling your calling activity from your location. It is a complete mobile-based call center application specially designed to handle the communication process of business using a simple android phone. Once the lead is fetched from the list it will start dialing the number automatically. It not only dial the number but also offer call recording and live monitoring to manager so that they can easily keep eye on their agent's activity. You can also dial the number manually using the options manual dial, just enter any number you want and start calling.

Dialer App has all the functions that are required to handle both incoming and outgoing calls that can be more useful for the call center. It is easy to install the application and can be used by all the android mobile phones. Once the customer's data is uploaded to the app it will start auto-dial numbers. App provides the entire agent’s status, detailed recordings of calls, and all other important information that you need.

How Vert-Age Android Dialer Application Works?

Vert-Age Dialer Android Phone-based mobile application is developed to handle the communication process through android based mobile. This application is especially for the agents using which they can handle their customers by doing Work From Home.

It is too simple to use the application by just following the simple steps.

Step 1-

Go to website LINK - and App Dialer here you find the option to download the Vert-Age Android Dialer App or you can directly follow the LINK -

Step 2-

Now open the application and register Company Name and Number by which you want to login to the campaign.

Step 3-

In the next step, you can see two options provided in the dropdown for selecting the process whether it is Inbound or Outbound. Select the process from the dropdown and proceed to the next step.

Step 4-

On the next page, you need to enter the registered mobile number with password and Agent Id with the password to successfully log in to the selected campaign.

Step 5-

After a successful login, you can see your selected campaign where you can start your calling by uploading the list or simply dialing the number manually.

Step 6-

Now you need to upload the list or you can dial the number manually. So select the number and start calling in a click. The call connects to the customer and conversation started, all the conversation between agents and customers will be recorded for safety purposes.

Step 7-

After the conversation over agent need to dispose of the call which can be done by using the Dispose Call button. The agent need to select a valid reason before hangup the call. Select the valid option from the dropdown for hangup the call successfully.

Step 8-

Now click on LOGOUT to successfully logout from the following campaign.

These are some important steps using which you can easily access the application. You can download the recording when required. The entire customer’s information will be saved to the agent's CRM Panel so they do not need to enter customer information again and again.

Take Your Own Calling Application

As you can see the increment in android mobile users, so using the android based calling application is more beneficial. Vert-Age Android Dialer Application allows users to receive or place calls over different networks. The application uses its own user interface for the calls instead of using the default Phone app interface. A useful application required for every business especially for Call Centers. 

A customized application that can be adjusted according to the requirement. It also has agent CRM that can save all the customers information so that can be fetched automatically when customer visit again. Fully secure and time-saving application that helps in increasing your business by connecting customers quickly.

Make Your Home Your Dream Work Place

Vert-Age Android Dialer App is a fully packed phone-based application that has all the features required to handle your work successfully. It is the most useful application for every business either it is an organization or a call center. The application is capable of handling the calling activity very easily for the call center whether it is Inbound or Outbound. 

Why Every Business Need An Android Calling Application

Android Phone Application to easily handle your calling activity. The application has many useful features that can easily help in handling all types of calls. Using the application is more beneficial and cost-effective.

  • It is Mobile Friendly

You can use your own android mobile phone connection, no requirement of any other device. Just easily download the app from Playstore and start your calling in a quick time.

  • No Call Delay

You can directly connect with your customers, there is no “Hello-Hello” tune before the call. It helps in the connection you to the more prospective leads and customers.

  • A Efficient Software

Vert-Age Android App is very simple, easy, and efficient so you can start making calls in less time. Just upload the list or dial number manually and start making a call in a click.

  • Data Security Availability

Data plays an important role in every organization, protecting the data of the customer is important. The application is secure and can protect customer data easily.