Android Phone Dialer Application to Increase your Calling Rate

Android Phone Dialer Application is an android application used to dial numbers and connect them with you. It is an Android Auto Dialer Software program that can be used to automatically dial many numbers from the phone list or using database.

The App allows you to keep dialing a contact until the call is successfully established. Once the person on the other end lifts the phone, the dialing will end. Like other dialer applications, it also allows you to add the number, the extension, interval between calls, and the number of calls to be made in a day. You can make more calls with this app, but you can limit the number of calls you want the app to make. It allows you to import phone book contacts from CSV lists that save you from manually entering the numbers again and again. It is one of the best Android Phone Dialer Application that fulfills all the conditions of the agents and helps in dialing more calls by simply doing work from home.


Step 1-                                                          

Visit the website - to download the Vert-Age Android Dialer App or you can directly follow the LINK -

Step 2-

Open and register to the application with the Company Name and Number.

Step 3-

In the next step, you need to select the process from the dropdown for Inbound or Outbound.

Step 4-

After selecting processin the next page enter the registered mobile number with password and Agent Id with the password to successfully log in.

Step 5-

After a successful login, select campaign where you can start your calling by uploading the list or you can simply dialing the number manually.

Step 6-

Now upload the list and select the number to start calling in a click. The call connects to the customer and conversation started, all the conversation between agents and customers will be recorded for safety purposes.

Step 7-

Agent need to dispose the call when the conversation ends. The agent need to select a valid reason before hangup the call. Select the valid option from the dropdown for hangup the call successfully.

Step 8-

Now click on LOGOUT to successfully logout from the following campaign.


Follow these simple steps and you will surely able to use the Android Phone Application.



1.Auto Speed Dial Call

Easily upload your dial list and just press “Dial Call”.  Contact’s information will be shown so that you know whom you are speaking to when they answer the call.

2.Mobile Friendly

No Landline Required, you just need an android application with network connectivity. Just boost up your application and start making calls quickly.

3.No More Delay

The customer won’t hear “Hello, Hello” before hearing your voice. So you can connect more appropriate leads and customers in a quick time.

4.No More Confusions

No-one needs all the bells and no more buttons to dial the numbers and actions to take.  Just dial number in a single click make simple, easy, and intuitive so you can start making calls in the least time.

5.Easily Connect With Your Own CRM

Connect your android application with your CRM and other software tools and systems.  You just need API access so you can work efficiently across all your work platforms.

6.Custom Reporting Graph

Our Application generates a quick overview of each of your contact lists. A graphical report shows you the longer conversations, the best time of day to call, and how many calls were made to each contact within a list. 



To become a successful contact center three important things we need: our quality scores, service level, and right party connections. But the question arises that how we get all the three to become a successful contact center? The answer is an Android Phone Dialer Application of course. The quality scores come as a by-product of an effective phone dialer app, the service level comes by providing 24*7 help to our valuable customers, and last but not least the right connection. It is more important having a good connection with our clients so we can get proper feedback which helps up in getting more new clients and become more successful.

By switching from manual dialing to an Android Auto Phone Dialer in which all the features are available. Smartphones and digital tablets are converted into mini call centers that can handle almost all the work of their agents like from dialing the call to generating the reports and more.



No need for extra software and hardware or any other maintenance expert. Just use your mobile phone and start dialing the numbers.


Our agents will be available 24*7 for your support so whenever you need help we can provide it immediately without any delay.


Flexible android dialer software that can dial calls easily and conduct conference calls at any point.


Dedicated problems handling agents that can make timely maintenance activity which results in providing quick maintenance to customers.


You can directly connect with your customers, there is no “Hello-Hello” tune before the call. It helps in the connection you to the more prospective leads and customers.


As we all know the value of phones nowadays. Almost every person has their personal android phone using which they can handle most of the activity. The main benefit of Android Phone Application is reaching many people in less time. It connects many people easily without any delay. A cost-effective application that allows you to earn more profit by easily auto-dialing numbers using the list.

Android Dialer Application also allows agents to manage their work easily from home. Having an advanced android app helps you in doing your call center work in every situation. There are many more benefits of having an Android Phone App which provides more sales and generates more revenue for the organization.