Artificial Intelligence Chatbot in Business

An AI Chatbot is a computer program that responds automatically responds to messages sent over the website chatbox by the customers. A Chatbot is designed to simplify the interaction between humans and computers. AI Chatbot can do lots of amazing things without involving humans. It is one of the most useful technologies in the current time for businesses so that they can earn more profit. The AI Chatbot works in two way rule-based and smart machine-based. Rule-based uses predefined responses from the database based on the keywords used. Smart machine-based uses artificial intelligence and cognitive computing and adapt according to customer interactions.

One of the most important features of AI Chatbot is that they learn from past conversations and become smarter and intelligent over time. That is the reason why everyone is using Chatbot in their business. With artificial intelligence, Chatbot becomes more powerful and learns new things with, and uses it during the conversation with the customers. The chatbot needs to be very intelligent. It gives power to the AI Chatbot to learn from conversations and handle each and every situation that comes.

Features of Chatbot:

  • Integrated APIs-

With APIs, you can easily push and pull the customer's data between your AI Chatbot and other services.

  • Integrated with CRM-

The Chatbot can be integrated with the critical system inside and outside of the CRM. It can handle real-time action and store all the important data into the database. 

  • Gated flows-

The AI Chatbot provides a quick response before processing the next request and this will goes with the same flow.

  • Extended support-

The AI Chatbot is here to help you in your daily tasks and is able to provide the required information and provide a better response to a positive experience.

  • Short & simple-

The AI Chatbot provides short and simple conversations between the client and customer which is enough. Some customers use Chatbot with mobile, the bot will break the text in multiple texts.

  • 3rd party interaction-

You can easily connect your bot with Facebook, Live chat and more in just a single click. With these new integrations coming each month provides more profit to us.

Benefits of Chatbot:

  • Provides 24*7 service-

Since the Chatbots are the virtual robots they never get tired and always ready to obey the command of the customers. They will continue to operate every day throughout the year without taking breaks.

  • Save your money-

In your business, having lots of employees, you need to pay for the work they do. The AI Chatbot are a one-time investment which helps in business, reduce the staff and increase profits.

  • Process a large volume of request-

Sometimes, companies receive many requests at a time, no worry the AI Chatbot can handle them all in an easy way.

  • Low-cost maintenance-

The AI Chatbot allow companies to save money and they are easy to configure to fulfill the different requests.

  • Error-free conversation-

Human handling customer's requests and other issues can make an error, while with the AI Chatbot there is less chance of error or you can say that error-free Chatbot.

  • Anytime support availability-

Provide services to our customers is an important factor in success. Having 24*7 hour services and providing quick responses to the question of customers give a good impact on your clients.