Auto Dialer Software dials fast automatic phone calls. The Auto Dialer Software plays pre-recorded sound in response when the call is dialed. The Auto Dialer software dials the calls by fetching the records for the call from the telephone list. Auto Dialer Software works with integrated CRM. Along with the CRM software, the dialer software works more smoothly and helps the customers. The Auto Dialer dial calls can be cost-effective. Dialer Software helps the organization in increasing productivity.

As per the name, Auto Dialer Software will dial a number by its own by taking the numbers from the database. Using the auto dialer software will save time and help in the growth of the organization.

The Dialer software is configured to perform the various tasks like it can leave the voice messages as the call will dial, it helps in transforming the calls from the first available agent in the call center, it interacts agent with the called party through voice and by using keypad response.

An Auto Dialer can identify which call is answered, which isn’t answered or which call is transferred to the machine. The call which is answered is automatically transferred to the live agent at the other end. The Auto Dialer software begins as a hardware solution and in the current, the dialer software is more common software used in almost every organization.

For increasing the sales for the company one of the most important ways is Auto-Dialer software. According to Google search, there are many definitions of Auto Dialer with their benefits but in general, a differential to “an electronic device which is connected to the telephone line for controlling the dialed numbers and alters them”.

Auto Dialer Software will make the work easy to conduct outbound campaigns. Our auto dialer software solution offers the predictive dialer solution also which enable the call centers to effectively execute their work and helps in customer communications. With the Auto Dialer software, we can accurately predict when the agents will become available. In today’s customer life cycle no one is free for a long time whether it is a customer other agent so the software helps in leading and increase customer satisfaction also improve customer experience.


For working with the autodialer, we just need a computer in running mode to run the software, a person who answers the phones, a voice modem, and an active telephone line. The voice modem we are using plays the recorded voice over a telephone line. In standard desktop computers, there are two to four internal modem cards. If we are having more modems, so we can dial more concurrent calls at a time.

The software which is used will tell the computer system which numbers is to dial, and what to do in response if the signal is busy. Before dialing any number, the auto-dialing software decides which number is to dial and for how long. Mostly the calls are picked up by a person in the first 25 seconds, or the time it takes to ring four times. After that, usually the call is forwarded to voice mail, so the auto-dialer will drop a call if no one answers by 25 seconds. The call will be dropped further if the busy signal occurs.