Automatic Call Distribution for Your Call Center

An Automatic Call Distribution Software, or Automatic Call Routing Software, is the software which automatically routes/ distributes incoming calls according to customers need and rules. The systems will route the next incoming call to the next available agent to advanced configurations that send calls to agents based on customer requirements and also agent specializations.  The software solution is perfect for companies with a wide range of products or services that cover different needs in various industries or settings. Automatic call distribution software works with CTI & IVR so that it can route the calls intelligently to the most appropriate agents. It is the backbone of all the call centers and streamlines the communication process.

It does not send inbound call requests to an available agent simply; the ACD systems categorize calls and messages and then automatically check the system to see the availability of the agents that has the most relevant skills and experience to help the customer. Having all the information of the customers provides a personalized experience while resolving the issues quickly. The dialer software has proved that it is one of the best dialers for the call center.

How Does ACD Works:

An ACD works by distributing the calls to the right agent using a specific method which is configured by the call center. The ring strategy is determined which is based on several factors like time of the day, call traffic, the origin of the phone number, the skills required to solve the query, etc. One of the best things about Automatic Call Distribution is that it is a customizable software solution. This means that you need to choose how you would like your calls to be distributed amongst your agents.

Automatic Call Distribution Features:

  • Programmed and advanced call routing-

The advanced automatics call distribution direct software and provide them complete freedom to decide whom and how to route the calls using it. You can also decide your best mechanism based on CRM Data, IVR Selection, and agents skills.

  • Route the call to the right agent-

The software will save the previous record of the customers, using the customer's information it will route the calls to the same agent they talked to within the time period.

  • Provides Call Queuing-

It’s not possible for the entire call center to connect all the customers to agents on the go. ACD facilitate call queuing for callers and transferred call automatically to an available agent or the team. If the phone has multiple extension & team, you can always configure multiple call queues.

  • Provide Automatic Call Back-

An Automatic Call Distribution will provide callers the facility to request a call back from an agent whom they wanted to talk with. The software will notify the agents on their screen for the call back immediately so that they can reach the callers on time.

  • Call Monitoring-

The ACD software will provide the capability to the supervisor to listen to caller-agents conversation directly. They also can use call conferencing, call barging and more to train agents during a live conversation with a caller. Call monitoring will help the supervisor monitor how the agent is attending the caller and suggest corrective measures when the call is going.

Automatic Call Distribution Benefits:

  • The Auto Call Distribution will connect a large number of incoming calls with specific agents based on the requirement of the call.
  • During the call the caller will leave the important messages in the voice mail it will provide more help to the agents.
  • The software will route the calls to the agents setting on different or remote area. All the teams will work together for promoting the website.
  • The software will provide call monitoring, reporting and also give coaching to the agents.
  • The dialer software will send busy calls and disconnected call in the queue for the callback.
  • The dialer software will help in optimizing the agent’s productivity. So, that they can train them better to earn more profit.

Automatic Call Distribution Importance:

  • Rapid response to VIP Callers-

The ACD Dialer allows VIP Callers to be routed immediately to the most appropriate and intelligent agent.

  • The Collection of the data-

Automatic Call Distribution helps the companies to collect data usage like incoming calls, time, total calls, length of calls and more.

  • Call monitoring, reporting agents-

ACD helps in managing to engage in call monitoring. Call Conferencing, call barging and more. It also allows for collecting data for real-time and historical reports.

  • Provides automatic call back-

The ACD gives caller who avoids the call, the dialer will provide the option to those calls in queue for the callback and call back them for better response.