Automatic Call Distribution Software for Route your calls easily with the latest ACD Software

An Automatic Call Distribution or ACD is calling distribution systems that intelligently routes incoming calls to the skilled agents based on predetermined conditions. The software helps in managing incoming calls and handles them based on the requirements. The system transfers the call to the appropriate agent which has the capability to solve the customer’s query easily in time. An ACD can route all the incoming calls smoothly within your team members based on your routing strategy.

An ACD Software System typically works with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to intelligently route agents to the appropriate agents.  The call is routed to specific agents or the related department that is most qualified and can fulfill the customer’s requirements and satisfied them with the services.  An ACD system utilizes a rule-based routing strategy, based on a different set of instructions that properly guide them how an inbound call can be handled and directed to the appropriate agent. These rules are often simply based on guiding a caller to any agent as fast as possible, but commonly multiple variables are added, all with the end goal of finding out why the customer is calling.

Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution:

  • Perfect Call Routing

An Automatic Call Distribution system follows an algorithm that analyzes the important information of the caller such as Caller ID, Caller Name, area code, and IVR specification so that they can assign the call to the most appropriate agent.

  • Improved Agent Efficiency

ACD, when introduced an agent, is directed to handle calls for which they are trained. As they are experts and have the knowledge to handle a customer easily that increases their confidence in dealing with a call and also improves their productivity.

  • Immediate Response

An Automatic Call Distribution system allows call center agents to provide an immediate response to incoming calls by routing it to the best available agents. High volume callers and VIP callers are routed to contact center agents without any delay.

  • Increase Agents Productivity

By using ACD a call center agents handle the incoming calls for which they are trained. They have great knowledge and expertise so that they can handle the customer’s queries easily. This will increase the agent's productivity as they are trained to handle many customers in less time.

  • Reduce the Cost

By providing fast response to the call by transferring it to the most appropriate agent, will help in improving the chances of first call resolution and the customer can get their solution without transferring him to other agents or departments.

Features of Automatic Call Distribution:

  • Flexible Call Routing

Make your Automatic Call Distribution System a direct software that automatically decides how and whom do you want to route the coming calls. You can decide this based on CRM Data, IVR Selection, and Agents Skills.

  • Automatic Call Back

ACD provides callers facility that it can request for the call back from an agent whom they wanted to talk with. Agents will be notified on their dashboard when a new request for a call back is created.

  • Integrated with CRM

An Automatic Call Distribution system when connected with CRM Software will more helpful for the agents. As a CRM Software can store the detailed information of the clients and store all the previous conversations of customers.

  • Call Monitoring

ACD has one of the most important features by which agents can participate on call via call monitoring. It is beneficial in providing companies with a better understanding of employee performance.

  • Rapid Response to High Volume Callers

Automatic Call Distribution Software can pre-determine the information of high volume callers and immediately route the calls to the best agents. Determining which incoming is from VIP’s is a big bonus for them.