Automatic Call Distribution Software to improve Inbound Call Center Efficiency

Automatic Call Distribution is call routing software that distributes incoming calls to appropriate agents of the call center. It involves a suite of services that are mostly used by companies that get regular incoming calls. The feature of Automatic Call Distribution usually comes with your virtual phone number that depends on your service provider. You can also get call recording and other inbound call management features like call routing, live call monitoring, call queue management, and more. Most of the companies offer automatic call distributor software separately.

We provide our customers with an advanced and more cost-effective call routing software with lots of features included. It also offers tools that would benefit both inbound and outbound call centers. With the advanced call distribution feature, it also records calls, monitors live calls, tracks call quality and more. Routing the particular call depends on several conditions that are convenient for the business. If a caller selects English as their preferred language, then it will route to only English speaking agents and sometimes it may depend on the requirement of the customers.

The main purpose behind using Automatic Call Distribution is to distribute incoming calls to call center agents or their employees that have specific skills to resolve the customer's problem easily and quickly.

How ACD work with IVR for the Call Centers?

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Software and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) both plays an important role in Inbound Call Center Solution. First IVR will take the information from the phone without any operator then ACD will automatically route the call to agent-based on rules.

When ACD and IVR combine they work easily to get maximum effect and connect more people. This will provide an automated customer service solution that satisfies everyone. IVR enables customers to solve their own problems which are what they want to do anyway and ACD route calls to agents who are capable of providing customer better solutions. These services work hand-in-hand to handle calls in a timely, and cost-effective.

Some Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Due to advanced features all the call is routed to the right agents. It provides faster time response that improves customer satisfaction.

  • Increased Call Center Productivity

As all the coming calls are routed to the agents, so there were no free agents remaining. As all agents are assigned that helps in increasing call center productivity.

  • Quick Solution for Priority Calls

Automatic Call Distribution has advanced feature that ensures a faster response to high priority customers that need immediate action by connecting to expert agents.

  • Proper Call Routing

An Automatic Call Distribution system follows an algorithm that analyzes the important information of the caller such as Caller ID, Caller Name, area code, and IVR specification so that they can assign the call to the most appropriate agent.

  • Automatic Callback

Sometimes calls are distributed to the agents due to traffic so the ACD puts all those calls in callback so that no lead will be missed.

Useful Features of Automatic Call Distribution:

  • Call Recording & Monitoring

It is one of the most important features that ACD has. Using it admin can monitor their agent’s performance and record the calls for the future purpose.

  • Skilled Based Routing

ACD used pre-defined rules to route the calls to appropriate agents or the department that is suitable for the caller.

  • Quick Response

ACDs can use pre-determined info to recognize high-value callers and route them to the best agent immediately.  A little recognition and thanks can go a long way.

  • Multiple Call Queues

ACD provides multiple waiting queues categorized by teams of agents, departments, or specific numbers that a caller dialed. Categorizing queues for high-volume and connect the callers with the right agent more efficiently.