Automatic Call Distribution

An Automatic Call Distribution is the software technology that manages incoming calls and handles them based on the number called. The Dialer routes the incoming calls to the available agent and department within a company. There are many companies which offer sales and service support by using ACDs to validate callers, it makes outgoing responses or calls, forward calls to the right party, allow callers to record messages, balance the use of phone lines, and provide other services

ACD works with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) system and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to route calls to the most appropriate agents. It is the backbone of the call center. An ACD server can cost anywhere for a very large call center handling thousands of calls per day. Routing the calls will be based on a set of instructions, which tells the ACD how calls are handled in the system.

Our Automatic Call Distribution software comprises of the following features:

  • The Auto Call Distribution will connect large number of incoming calls with specific agents based on the requirement of the call.
  • During the call the caller will leave the important messages in the voice mail it will provide more help to the agents.
  • The software will route the calls to the agents setting on different or remote area. All the teams will work together for promoting website.
  • The software will provide call monitoring, reporting and also give coaching to the agents.
  • The dialer software will send busy calls and disconnected call in the queue for the call back.

An ACD works by distributing the calls to the right agent using a specific method which is configured by the call center. The ring strategy is determined which is based on several factors like time of the day, call traffic, the origin of the phone number, the skills required to solve the query, etc.One of the best things about Automatic Call Distribution is that it is a customizable software solution. This means that you need to choose how you would like your calls to be distributed amongst your agents.