Automatic Click-to-Call Software for Your Call Center

Click-to-Call Services, a one-click service that can connect your call directly to the customers in a single click. It is a type of digital communication in which a person clicks a button in order to connect with another one in a real-time. Using the Click-to-Call you can connect leads right away to increase your conversation time. As soon as visitors submit his number the software will bridge a call and connect the agent and the customer quickly. Click-to-Call Solution can instantly integrate API to implement a click-to-call service for its customers. In simpler terms, it allows a customer so that they can receive a call from any business by just dropping their number on the company website/app.

Click-to-Call is also known as Click-to-Talk or Click-to-Call is a way to let people connect with you using a phone while they are browsing a website. The call that is dialed by using click-to-call is free of cost to your potential customer. This will make more difference in increasing sales and resolve support tickets more quickly. The click to call software has more advanced features such as call recording, real-time analysis, proper call logs and more.

Why Click To Call

There are many customers, which are more likely to contact your company if you provide click to call button on your website. The Click-to-Call button increase productivity by just double the call to conversion rate. In addition, to help you in increasing sales and customer satisfaction, click to call help functionality could help you reduce negative impressions as well.

Advantages Of Click To Call:

  • Instant Call Backup

Click-to-Call Services having the capability to take the backup of their customer conversation and monitor the content of the calls for quality and training purposes.

  • Proper Analysis

The software will help in measuring and tracking the operational performance of the team that helps you understand how effective your voice service is and how it fits your support strategy.

  • Increase Agent Efficiency

Using Click-to-Call Service agents can make calls directly from their browser easily using any business tool. Connect to customers in just a click helping them in increasing their productivity.

  • Generate More Leads

Click-to-Call is one of the best ways to generate accurate leads with an efficiency that can also result in closing more leads and earn more profit.

  • Multi-channel Use

You can use Click-to-Call button on different places like in your email, website, SMS, Social media campaign and more.

Features Of Click To Call:

  • CRM Integration

Integrate Click-to-Call software with the Customized CRM Software. Make calls directly from the CRM and connect more customers instantly.

  • Smart Routing

Smart routing allows transferring the call to the most appropriate agents to ensure resolution of the problem too quickly without any problem.

  • Dial Outbound Call in Click

The Software services allow your agents to make outbound calls directly to the lead from the dashboard in a click. Agents don’t need to dial numbers manually.

  • Customized API

With Click to Call, we also have our customized API that allows you to build exactly the same that you need in your business so you can earn more profit.

  • 24*7 Customer Support

With our advanced click-to-call software we also provide 24*7 services to our clients so they can continuously call without facing any problem.

  • Record Detailed Call Logs

The Softawre will check the real time call reports and recording of all calls for analysis, monitoring and optimizing the process.