Best Auto Dialer Software- 2019 Reviews

Auto Dialer software is automatic dialer software used to dial calls automatically from contacts which are provided by the agents from the database. It is the best way to increase production and improving the experience of the agents so they can deliver the best service. Auto Dialer is a Software program which calls thousands of people automatically by using the phone list. Auto Dialer Software helps in providing important information by sending a message, or it can also connect a customer to a live agent when the call has been answered. We are here to provide featured Auto Dialer Software which helps thousands of companies around the world and increase productivity, raises customer satisfaction and increases the profit, service or sales efforts.

An Auto Dialer can identify which call is answered, which is not answered or which call is transferred to the machine. The call which is answered is automatically transferred to the live agent at the other end. Using an auto-dialing strategy such as predictive dialing combined with inbound call handling – drives provides more benefit to the agent in increasing the customers.

A Smart Auto dialer Software is capable of personalizing messages and collecting touch tone .A speech engine is usually included for converting text to speech and recognizing speech over the phone.

To customize or personalize messages, a smart auto dialer system uses message template, which contains variables that can be replaced later by actual values. For example, a time variable included in the message template can be replaced by the actual time when a phone call is made.

Auto Dialer Software Features:

  • Easy to access:

Nowadays everyone wants to be simple processing no more complexity while calling the customers. It is too difficult to process when he or she is on the call and another call is coming and interrupts. They have to listen to instruction, press “1” for this press “2” for this and so on, they waste their time and there is no guarantee that they find the correct solution. Auto dialer software directly takes you to the solution and free you from the long process.

  • Auto Dialer with CRM:

When Auto-Dialer software connects with CRM will provide more profit to the agents as it can collect information and save it to the database for the use. It will keep your data safe, secure and reliable. Dialer with CRM helps you with all your problems and provides many solutions to you.

  • Work as a reporting tool:

The best dialer can provide better service generates more productivity in less time. It will generate a report for each function and work, so your people can optimize their work and increase efficiency. The saved report of the software will provide more help to the agents in their future query.

  • Report and Analysis:

This is one of the best features of Auto Dialer Software it helps in saving the call report with having all the detail from the starting of the call. We can save the reports in our database so that in future if the customer required so we can easily provide them these reports.

  • Answering Machine Detection:

The Auto Dialer Software will detect the answering machine calls and disconnect the, only the call answered by the real customers is transferred to the agents. It will saves the agent time and help in producing more results.