Best Call Recording Software For Your Contact Center

Call Center is an important component of every business. In today's global market there are various organizations which turn themselves into call centers so that they can assist and maximize customer service and sales need. In call centers, multiple agents deal with scores of customers and tend to field a higher volume of calls every day. Interacting with people by dialing phone calls will play a major role in daily operations. A call recording solution is necessary for every organization for keeping the records of the telephonic conversation on a daily basis. According to the need of the business, the call recorded such as order booking, customer complaint, payment collection, etc. are conducted over the phone. For Call Centers, it is too having voice logger system to provide excellent customer service.

With the organization, contact Call Center Software will provide both Inbound & Outbound calls with call recording capabilities. Live call recording can be paused and further resumed using talk desk. When the call is ended the recording stops automatically and stored in the database. This allows us for easy analysis of the recorded calls to help you better understand each caller’s intent, ensure that high-quality standards are being met and gather actionable business intelligence.

It is an easy to use and reliable call recording software system that helps to record telephonic conversation between customers and agents. Depending on the nature of your business requirement, you may have need for managing the call records that are conducted over the phone. The conversation between customers and agents are important for your business and it is often required to record such telephonic calls for future reference. We provide different types of telephone recording system as connectivity you require such as ISDN PRI, USB, and PCI etc.

Call Recording Features:

  • Inbound and Outbound Call Recording

The software will help in recording inbound calls and outbound calls which depend on your unique business needs. These call recording settings can be changed at any time whenever you need with the click of a button.

  • Pause and Resume Recordings

All the Live call recordings that you have can be paused and resumed using the interface. This call center software feature can be able or disable using a single click to allow for maximum flexibility.

  • Listen to Call Recordings at Any Time

Using the software system you can listen to all the recorded calls at any time anywhere we want using the interface. This valuable stored content can aid you in better understanding the needs of your customers and help you prepare for future interactions.

  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Our software allows your company to customize your dashboard according to yourself with all of your regulatory guidelines. This allows you to focus on the most important aspect of your business.

The important feature of call recording software is live monitoring. The recording software will see the call center and check how your agents handling the call center.  This helps the software reviewing the agent performance by analyzing call data. In order to meet the voice recording requirement for different companies and call centers, we provide a wide range of software with advanced features.