Best Cloud Based Call Center Solution Tips You Will Read This Year!

To stay ahead of the complex competitive environment, businesses must optimize their existing IT ecosystem and migrate to a cloud based call center solution. The latest cloud based solution in India provides flexibility, cost optimisation, and convenience for several businesses thanks to its continuous evolution.

Contact centres are identifying potential advantages of cloud-based centres in their particular industries as digital intelligence, cloud technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence grow. Data centres are becoming automated, reliable, and responsive to overcome the limitations of legacy systems, customer behaviours, and flexible business models.

A large part of the call center solution provides still relies on traditional on-premise solutions to maintain their critical customer data. On-premise physical software systems dominate call centres, dedicated communication servers, and headsets that have been installed, configured, licensed and made compatible with their unique industries based on physical software systems.

There are pros and cons to on-premise call centres. Businesses maintain and upgrade software systems and it staff with on-premise call centres. The reliability of the connection between customers and representatives is a key reason to choose an on-premise contact centre. On the other hand, on-premise call centres also have their limitations that need to be considered.

A range of strategic and budgetary decisions are involved in adopting them, from setup to operational costs. For a better customer service experience, customer service representatives must remain at their desks, restricting business mobility.

In the case of an on-premise call centre, security and privacy of customer data become a tedious task due to data breaches becoming of utmost importance. The speed of deployment is one of the main reasons cloud-based call center solution providers in India are successful. A foolproof security system, improved profitability, and technology that meets the needs of growing customers are also advantages.

How does a cloud-based contact center solution work?

Using Vert-age's full-stack cloud contact center, businesses can engage with customers through multiple channels. A variety of communication channels are supported, including voice calls, video, social media, email, SMS, and chat. Cloud contact centre examples include a quick deployment time and almost no upfront costs, allowing you to enjoy flexibility, scalability, and easy access to your data and applications.

With service providers, such as Vert-age one of the top 5 cloud contact center providers, taking care of the hardware setup, ensuring higher uptime. Also, helping you to keep your business running, you can concentrate on what you do best: running your business.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions: 5 Key Benefits

Cloud contact centres are hosted on the servers of an organization in the cloud. It handled all business-to-customer communication.

We can access any client communication from anywhere since the contact center is cloud-based. It includes phone calls, emails, and direct messages sent via social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

It requires a smartphone and internet access to utilize a cloud contact center. The internet should accommodate data. Due to consumers using online means of communication, most businesses are considering cloud-based call centres.

A cloud contact center has many benefits. There are several advantages associated with this service, including:

1. Saves money

Investment in cloud-based contact centres helps you save money. A higher license fee is often required for on-site call centre products. As well as maintenance and upgrade expenses, you will also need to account for them.

It is important to note that cloud-based contact centres do not have these expenses. Small and large businesses can use them affordably. Call center solutions for small businesses or large require an annual or monthly fee for deployment and operation. 

2. In-house contact centres cost more to purchase, install, and manage

Additionally, the company providing the cloud-based software will handle the expenses related to updating it. Saving money and using company resources for other projects is possible thanks to this method. As a result, your IT department and you will have less work to do.

3. Implementation is more rapid

A fully functional on-site contact center takes weeks and even months. It depends on the type of call centre you want and the size of your business and how long it takes to implement a call centre. Often, larger organisations require more time.

However, installing a cloud-based call centre will be easier and faster than it will take less time to implement compared to a traditional call centre. It takes just a few days for your contact center agents to resume work. Clients can communicate with you once the software is installed.

It is common today for cloud-based software vendors to also provide their clients with after-service support as well as implementation services. As a result, the installation process runs smoothly. Start serving customers and solving their problems as soon as your new contact centre is up and running.

4. Enhance the ability to scale

It is easier to upgrade cloud based call center solutions than contemporary on-site installations since they are easy to install and deploy. A traditional contact centre solution will be easier to upgrade if your business grows and you receive a high volume of calls and emails. For new employees, you simply need more seating space.

When you have an increased call capacity during peak seasons, you can hire more agents. Alternatively, if you're experiencing a low volume of calls, you can scale down.

A cloud-based call center solution's greatest advantage is its scalability and flexibility. Depending on your current business needs, you can reduce or increase the size of your call centre. Businesses need to consider scalability when installing this software.

5. Work Can Be Done Remotely      

In a recent survey, over 54% of office workers reported that they have considered leaving their current jobs to work at a different employer that offers them a greater degree of flexibility. Additionally, cloud based call center solution offers great flexibility for your agents to work remotely.

Administrators and managers also accessed A cloud based call center solution online, easing employee management. Organisations can also adopt remote working practices. Employees' motivation and productivity increase when they have the freedom to work remotely. Today, employees want this kind of flexibility.  

6. Providing better service to your customers

Consider the customer experience provided by in-person and cloud based call centre solutions. Having an enhanced online experience and using high-quality software is essential to your success. Negative customer experiences have real effects on your business.

Bad reviews and lower satisfaction scores will come from unhappy customers. As a result, brand loyalty decreases. 

However, positive experiences with your brand will encourage repeat business and spread the word. As a result, your business's rating will improve and they will also give you a positive review.

Online shoppers today comprise millennials who pay greater attention to their online experiences than anyone else. Providing omnichannel interactions to your customers will improve their online experience.    

Multichannel as well as omnichannel support is generally available with cloud-based call centre software solutions. As a result, your call centre agents can communicate with clients in a way that suits their comfort level, whether that's through text messages, phone calls, or social media direct messages.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions from Vert-age are always reliable

  • If you can identify and add the channels through which your customers wish to communicate with your business, then your agents can serve them directly from that screen without the need to click between different screens.
  • With Vert-age’s omnichannel ticket management system, you can automate the process of creating helpdesk tickets for any inquiries that come in via email, webchat, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), voice calls, SMS and other messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp.
  • Anyone can assign automatically a ticket to the right agent based on voice calls, emails, and other chat platforms. As a result, the overall productivity of the company as well as the customer satisfaction rate has seen a dramatic improvement.