Blended Dialer Software to Make an Impact on Your Business

A Blended Dialer is software that has the capability to handle both Inbound and Outbound calls for any business easily. Call Centers may be inbound or outbound depending on the business of the company. In the current world blended call centers are defining the perfect example for both inbound and outbound dialing and become more and more useful for them. Dialer helps to maintain the balance between making and receiving calls and raises the productivity of operators. Larger call centers are divided into Inbound and Outbound agents and use individual calling for their agents but in smaller call centers they do not have many resources to divide their agents so they use Blended Dialer for handling both Inbound and Outbound calls.

Agents attend incoming calls and when free they also handle outgoing calling as well. Our call center software solutions are easy to set up, come with excellent support service, and all the tools needed to manage a team of agents. Utilizing our Blended software for your inbound and outbound centers will increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

Blended Dialer for Optimizing both Inbound and Outbound Calls:

Blended call center agents make both incoming and outgoing calls with the help of Blended Dialer. Converting a simple communication into a promising lead is totally depends on how quickly an agent responds with an appropriate solution. Here all the inbound calls are routed to the available agents and the outbound calling list is automatically dialed by the dialer.

The dialer can easily switch outbound agents to inbound agents when call volume is high so, you can blend your calls between inbound and outbound agents effectively. Using dialer software the customer satisfaction level increases and also boosts the call center productivity.

Some Benefits of Successful Blended Dialer:

  • Automatic Call Distribution

ACD first checks the availability of the agents and after that utilizes the availability of the agents in the proper way. You can change all your call routing strategies as per the availability of the agents.

  • Call Recording

It includes the feature of recording the calls that help in recording all the previous customer calls and revisiting it when needed. It gives several insights into improving the overall customer support process.

  • Time-to-Time Reports

The dialer is capable of generating detailed time-to-time reports using which agents and managers can evaluate and track every call activity. It also helps in measuring the call center productivity and also agent’s progress.

  • Smart Routing

It has the capability that it can route the incoming calls to appropriate agents. Skill-based routing ensures that each incoming call is routed to the most skillful agent for their respective issues for quick solutions.

  • Proper Conferencing

It is one of the most useful benefits of Blended Dialer that allows many participants on a single call for important discussions or meetings. You can also integrate IVRs to add more callers.

Features of Blended Dialer:

  • Built-in CRM

The dialer software has its own Built-in CRM which is used to manage all the activities and generates a popup window for the agents when needed. CRM stores all the information of the customers for the long time and make sure that no other person can access it.

  • Proper Routing

This is the most important feature of the Blended Dialer Software, it will route the inbound calls to the outbound agents when they are free. It saves time and helps agents to connect more customers.

  • Different Dialing Mode

Blended Dialer has different dialing mode for dialing Inbound and Outbound calls. Predictive Dialing, Progressive Dialing, Manual Dialing and more. With these dialing mode agents do not fell any stress and work freely.

  • Manage Reports

The software will automatically display and generate a real-time report and agent summary. It records the calls for training purposes and quality assurance. Real-time reports show call center performance with agent productivity.

Why Blended Call Center Software is important for your Business

One of the most challenging ways for any call center environment is how agents utilize their time. Often, call center supervisors to find themselves distributing and redistributing resources over and over to different operations and departments. Using Blended Dialer Software businesses can easily manage both their inbound and outbound campaigns to utilize their call center’s agent's capacity.

Let's discuss some points that are important from any business point of view.

  • Improved Business Revenue

With better customer satisfaction, blended solutions help the entire customer-agent interaction to become more effective which creates a great many opportunities for the agents. This helps in improving the revenue for the business and satisfies the customer.

  • Better Customer Experience

Providing better customer experience is a very crucial element for every call center as they give proper feedback related to the product. Blended call center solutions used to improve customer services and satisfy them by delivering better services.

  • Increased Productivity

With its advanced features and utilities, the Blended dialer is used to increase productivity. Advanced features like Automated Call Distribution and Custom Call Dispositions, it allows the company to boost productivity and better customer experience.

  • Greater Efficiency

Using Blended dialer software, the efficiency of both the agents and the call center operations increases.

Dialer has the capability that it can effectively route calls to qualified agents, integration with leading business tools and utilities also provide better collaboration with remote workers creates opportunities for businesses.