Blended Dialer

A Blended Dialer Call Center Software helps in handling both Inbound & Outbound calling. Every big organization having both Inbound & Outbound call centers, here blended calling software plays an important role. Using this you can reduce the ideal time and increase call center productivity. It eliminates the technology gap between inbound ACD, outbound dialers, and CTI and CRM integration. It automatically moves outbound agents to inbound queues when traffic volume increases. We also enable inbound agents to switch to outbound calls during slow periods.

We provide Blended Call Center Software in easy set up which comes with excellent support. It is a well-crafted solution to maximize customer satisfaction by providing advanced solutions. It will manage the agents and transfer them between the process and eliminates the need for data entry. It improves efficiency, drops hold times, reduces agents idle time, and much more.


Advantages of Blended Dialer
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One of the biggest problems for the organization is how to make a balance between outbound and inbound calls. Blended Dialer uses outbound agents to receive inbound calls, or using inbound agents to make outbound calls. It reduces the expanse and increases productivity.

Use Outbound call when Inbound are low

Many big organizations having inbound call agents as well as outbound call agents but its not possible for the small business.

Managing Call backs

It is one of the main advantages of Blended Dialer is to manage callbacks. If the call center agent placing an outbound call for a call back.

Divide agents into group

It is too useful to divide agents of call center into groups one for each Inbound, Outbound and for Blended.

Improve your productivity

One of the biggest problems for the organization is how to make a balance between outbound and inbound calls.

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Benefits of Blended Dialer
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  • By Using Blended Dialercontact center can handle both inbound and outbound call, and it opens multiple channels of communication. This will Cutsall the overhead and overtime, while simultaneously it also increase agents’ efficiency and productivity


  • Blended Dialer provides to meet your customers where they are and give them services with inbound/outbound calling, text or by video chat, and even social media. Agents are having enough time to satisfy customer needs and resolve their problem so they can earn five-star satisfaction.


  • Using Blended dialer software we get more help as we have more agents where we want. Agents can be available there where the customer wants by using scale on-demand. By using a remote location of the customers we added our agents to your network so that they can solve your queries and satisfy you.


  • Using Blended Dialer software managers can see all the detailed information about agent performance. A manager uses real-time analysis and historical data so that they help agents and improve their performance. They can monitor calls, interaction with customers and encourage them to make critical decisions with full information