Outbound Calling Software for Telemarketing

22-Jun-2019 Vert-Age

Using the software, one can store a large amount of data that is easy to transfer within the company which is very useful for us. This data will help

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Best Call Recording Software For Your Contact Center

19-Jun-2019 Vert-Age

Call Center is an important component of every business. In today's global market there are various organizations which turn themselves into call cent

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Voice Logger for Call Center & Types of Voice Logger

18-Jun-2019 Vert-Age

Basically, there are two basic modes of Voice Logger for recording a VOX mode which is voice-activated, and a Non-VOX mode, in which the recording is

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions For Your Call Center

15-Jun-2019 Vert-Age

IVR or Interactive Voice Response system used to access the database information using the phone. We can say that it is a technology which can help th

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High-Performance Predictive Dialer Software for your call centers.

13-Jun-2019 Vert-Age

A Predictive Dialer Software is an automatic dialing system that can dial multiple calls at a time. It will help in improving the productivity and spe

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Customize CRM software solution | CRM Software for Call Center | Best CRM for business

07-Jun-2019 Vert-Age

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management, a complete software solution which provides a complete solution to customers. It brings lots of capabi

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