Call Center Software Solution | Call Center Software Solution For Welcome Call

16-Feb-2022 Vert-Age

The Welcome call is one of the most important calls for your new customers.  It is the best time to make an impression on customers when they are new

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Why should you utilize software to run your call center? | Vert-Age

19-Jul-2021 Vert-Age

Having call center management software might provide you a significant competitive advantage. When it comes to starting a discussion with a company's

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Auto Dialer call center | Auto Dialer Software!!

11-Jun-2021 Vert-Age

The Auto dialer software or automated dialer is a software that can dials automatically phone numbers from the list for agents. No need to dial by own

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3 Ways to Help Remote Call Center Agents with AI Right Now

08-Apr-2021 Vert-Age

Artificial intelligence (AI) has not exposed humans to robotic overlords, as depicted in some science fiction stories. Call center AI isn't just about

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Cloud-based vs On-premise call center setup: which setup is useful for your call center?

20-Jan-2021 Vert-Age

Here we discuss the difference and advantages of On-premise Call center setup and Cloud-based call center setup. Connect with us to know more.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) & Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) for call center organization

24-Dec-2020 Vert-Age

Here we will tell you how can help Interactive Voice Response or IVR & Automatic Call Distribution or ACD help your call center center organization.

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