Boost and Increase your contact list more than twice per hour using our Advanced Outbound Dialer

Outbound dialer software can use Auto-dialed and Predictive Dialer Software for more profit if needed. By using outbound software solution we increase calling rate up to 100% as compared to manual dialing. Outbound Call Center is a service provider software who makes a call to the client by the organization. The agents of the outbound call will call the customers for different reasons related to the performance, sales, and research of the software.

We have many features in our outbound software which improve the experience and performance. Call Center Software, Outbound Call Dialer Software helps to automate the calling process by intelligence to increase the operational efficiency of calls.


With Outbound Software Solution all the businesses find their way to earn more outbound calls so that they can add more customers. Outbound Solution has many functions like Preview Dialer, Progressive Dialer, and Predictive Dialer. Using these functions agents can increase outbound call rate.


  • Language-Based Routing:-

Using progressive Dialer calls can be a route on the basis of different languages. We can manage all the agents by their language and route the calls to them for better performance.

  • Quality Tracking:-

Outbound Call Center Solution allows the agents to perform the task easily and provide better services to the customers. The software can help in tracking the agent’s performance and generate results according to it so that it can help in the performance of the agents.

  • Develop Selling Skills:-

When we develop new software for the customer we try that most of the people buy the software so we can earn more profit. So using outbound dial we can improve our selling skills as it is easy to handle and dial more calls at a particular time.

  • Provide Better Results:-

The method of emailing the customer is hit and miss method, it sometimes fails, which will lower conversion rate. By using Outbound call center software we can increase our conversion rate, which results in increasing the sell and we get a much more impressive result.

  • Monitoring Performance:-

Monitoring the performance of the employee is so important and helps in providing quality work to the customers. In the previous year, the call center will suffer from detecting the performance of the employee. Using Outbound Dialer Software we can see the caller activities and who needs to be improving more.

  • 24*7 online supports:-

Vert-Age provides all-time support facility with the Outbound Dialer so that the customers didn’t face any kind of problems while working with the software. Using this advanced facility of providing support many people will feel good using the software.