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Education System

To make a competitive education system, the Educational System must focus on creating a perfect experience for their students. To develop an extremely learning environment for student teaching and other staff needs to focus on critical tasks.

Vert-Age provides an excellent Call Center Outsourcing Software and it enables all the staff to spend more time and energy on tasks. Vert-Age provides educational organization 24*7 customer services support through the multi-channel contact center. All important communication topics are covered by using our inbound and outbound voice calls, and IVR.

Nowadays students seeking admission to colleges online, but due to lots of college students have many options for selecting an appropriate one for them. We successfully implemented IVR’s in distance education for different universities. We are having advanced CRM Software for education consultant and Call Center for queries related to medical and other courses.

Vert-Age Software For Education System

It is most important for the colleges and universities that they should provide good academic education to the students. Students can search and choose what they want as all the information related to courses and colleges are stored in Education System CRM.

Both the students and parents should give feedback about the education system and institute, so the government can modify them. Vert-Age Education System Software provides highly advanced and featured software for students like IVR, ACD, Auto Dialer and many more.

Call Center Support For Education System:

  • Lead Generation for the student.
  • Set the appointment for the students, so they can easily find the document for the study.
  • Sending E-mail to give feedback about the services and the study pattern.
  • We provide the facility for the course-related inquiries to help the students.
  • The Customer follows up is more important, if students want to join them.


Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Lead Management Solution - The software provides a Lead Management solution so we can get it easily (Admissions/Enquiry).
  • Easy to Track - Using Vert-Age Education System Software tracking source of inquiries is easy.
  • Send SMS - Easily track on the source of inquiries and send them an SMS for their appointment.
  • IVR Technology - Using IVR technology for automating directory assistance, answer common questions through helplines.
  • Improve caller satisfaction – Dialer will distribute leads from different sources like voice calls, SMS or email. To improve response time dialer route the call to the right person this saves the agent time.
  • Improve staff productivity – By using the latest multi-media contact management applications with database integration to handle inbound customer calls efficiently.
  • Increase Revenue – make the most of these technologies to open a new multi-media channel for auxiliary services
  • Lower operating costs – We can take advantage of tools to cut call handling time & costs, quickly distribute callers to the next available person.