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Banking and Finance

Banks and Finance institutions are the backbones of any sector's economy. Using the Vert-Age financial services phone system with its featured Predictive Dialer facility, we can fulfill your requests and play a highly focused greeting. We provide the option to talk with your salesperson, leave a message, and hear some additional information.

For the Banking and Finance sector, identifying the right outsourced call center partner is too important. As it can help in minimizing the cost, provide 24*7 hours of services to the company, capitalizing on marketing opportunities, offering targeted promotions for different audiences. Vert-Age, an expert Call Center Software provider company, provides you the services of banking and finance to keep communication with your valuable customers.

Financial and Banking institutions such as Banks, credit card companies and brokerage firm develop their technology quickly and offer customers and employee services. This will make the transaction more efficient and convenient so that it will look attractive. Vert-Age Banking solution offers advanced banking helpdesk services to increase the efficiency of your company. It is used to provide information either online or offline, verifications, Lead Management, Recovery etc.

Since everything runs on money so both the banking and finance companies include every kind of business and personal aspects of daily life. Using our Predictive Dialer Software for you or your agents helps you to fulfill the demands and also you can actually exceed the demands. We focused on analyzing and forecasting the changing customer’s behavior and provide a long-term solution to our clients, helping them by delivering quality services.

Use Vert-Age today and let us show who we are by providing a financial marketing system to meet your requirements. Using the latest technology and experienced developers, we provide Inbound and Outbound Dialer solutions for customers.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Useless staff resourcing helps in increasing efficiency and profit.
  • Promote customers’ demands that help in a future sale.
  • Increase productivity of the Institute and improve the efficiency of the agents.
  • Using fewer staff members will minimize the operating cost.
  • Easily handle and quick to use.
  • Provide a great customer experience which increases more opportunities to cross-sales.
  • Dialer software will route inbound calls in a very intelligent manner.
  • We personalized software according to the customer so that they have a good experience after using it.
  • Vert-Age provides advanced functionality and advanced features.
  • Help in building a relationship with customers by simply leaving an SMS after a successful call.
  • Make notes for each call while on the call with the clients for future query.