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Healthcare Services

Vert-Age design powerful software for the Healthcare Industry to increase productivity and manage appointments, handle accounts, and improve the patient experience. We can provide Cloud-Based dialing software which can help you in patient's dial, provides easily payments tools and maintain easily collection for the organization.

Today everyone wants the best software solution and after that the best sales services. With the increasing virtual healthcare, you can improve patient experiences, provide various medical services and better solutions are in demand of hospitals in the current time.

We have a good expert team in designing, developing and implementing the best Dialer Solutions for Healthcare Organizations across India and UAE. Our team has great knowledge to understand the health care service environment. Healthcare software solution needs to provide the best performance in critical times.

Hospitals are using the IVR system for confirming and rescheduling the appointments of the patient. It is most important for the patients to coordinate with the doctors of specialized medicine. The software can help in scheduling the calls between patients and doctors, collecting vital information about the patients and monitoring the health of the patients.

Calling Software for Healthcare Service:

For most of the healthcare service provider, it is too important that they will be engaged with the patients as it is a key initiative. Communicate with the patients is important by doing this you will always with the patients and if any problem occurs we can solve it at that time.

Using the software will increase the patient's involvement and reduce the cost of providing care and managing all other activities.


Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Increase collection:

Using our patient dial feature you can use both the IVR and predictive outbound collection strategy. You can further increase the effectiveness of patient engagement strategies by pairing online.

  • Optimize performance:

Using the dialer software you can fetch the call details which you need to monitor the agent performance. This will provide you to make more strategic and plans to improve it.

  • Fast Complaints Solution:

Using intelligent routing with Dialer Software will direct the patient's queries direct to the agents who are able to solve it quickly.

  • Maintain Records:

We have Dialer Software with integrated CRM Software that provides you the service which maintains patient records successfully for future reference.

  • Use IVR for patients:

By using IVR for the Healthcare Solution for the patients we can manage all the appointments by confirming and rescheduling them. So, the patients didn’t miss them.