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Emergency Services

The Emergency Announcement Services/ Emergency Services is a quick method to communicate with the helping team at the time of crisis, whether it is a medical emergency, educational emergency, natural calamities, Terrorist attacks and many other types of emergencies. A database system provides an Auto-Dialer phone system which is more suitable for dialing the Emergency calls.

This service is mostly used by a senior citizen group, school, and church group to notify their members in case of any emergency. By using a recorded voice message, households can be provided travel restrictions and warnings, nearest shelter locations, or specific safety instructions.

Over many years we are dealing in call center dialer software with the services. Our Emergency Services Software will ideally be suited for Emergency calling services as it is capable of dialing calls by using a computer network. 

Emergency Messages And Voice Mail:

Emergency messages or voice mails can be easily sent by the computer application, from the networked website or any other connected device. Vert-Age Emergency software service supports voice mail message format and also adopt new formats so that it fits others requirement.

Smart Emergency Dialer:

Auto-Dialer Software help in saving the time as well as money as it can dial only important and useful calls by eliminating all non-productive calls. By using our smart message dialing features, the dialer can dial emergency message calls. By this, we can realize tremendous productivity savings. By combining both Auto- Dialer System and IVR features with our text to speech software, the phone dialer plays a pre-recorded message to obtain further information. 

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Using this Emergency Dialing Software we can communicate with an entire contact list.
  • Sent emergency messages and dial, call using the telephone for the alert.
  • Create surveys and polls for better performance.
  • Maximize productivity and improve agent efficiency.
  • Enhance customer experience across every channel and touch points.
  • Enable you to effectively manage time when an emergency occurs.
  • Saves the crucial minutes/ seconds and bring in more efficiency into the system.