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Utility Services

We are Software and Dialer provider company provides any kind of dialer software on the demand of customers. Improving the productivity of the company is expected in the industry and in business by the customers. Dialer Software will increase productivity if it is successfully implemented. Major productivity improves in the Utility Service area which results from Predictive Dialer, the CRM Software and Call Center Software.

Utility Services like electricity, water supply and many more are part of our daily life. Customers need all these in their daily and for that, they want a better service provider and software as well. We need to provide them better utility software and service and maintain our positive relationships with our customers and reduce their cost.

The call center works as Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Preview Dialer, or Power Dialer based on the requirement of the process.

Increase Customers Satisfaction and Reduce the Cost:

The Utility Services you provide is more essential for your customer’s lives. We need to provide them the best service and satisfy them so they have more believed in us. By providing amazing customer experience help you differentiate yourself and improve customer satisfaction rating also.

We may have to face many challenges like an increase in competition, change in regulation, and increasing customer experience. Vert-Age provides you the technologies which make you different from others and increase your profit.



Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Advanced dialing system rules like time-based attempt, number-based attempt and more.
  • Dynamic services provided by the agents to the customers.
  • Customers can record the screen along with the voice so that it can easily recognize.
  • Integrated for Consent Gateway IVR.
  • The advanced system alerts for applications via Email.
  • Calling multiple lists of paralleled increases the reach of the campaign within the given time.
  • Each call is made after the process to maximize the reach of the campaign.