Click-to-Call Software

Click to Call is a digital communication software solution in which a person clicks a button or text to the customer to connect individual person in real-time. The software is just like a simple platform which allows an outbound team to move from call to call in just a single click of a mouse. Now a day the Click-to-Call dialer is much more famous in busy call centers and also in a fast-growing organization. The software helps by allowing teams to make calls quickly, regardless of application which they’re working. Click to Call also provide the facility to record calls and also upload call notes automatically.  These all click-to-call links are commonly found as a button on websites, but it also initiated by hyperlinks over emails and video.

The dialer will allow you to move quickly from one call to another call with a single click of a mouse. This will saves time and not have to say the same message again and again. The software will provide more profit for the sales team and reach the existing clients. Dialer will also help you in finding the best time of the day for your calling. These all Click to Call links are commonly found in the button on websites. But click to call is also initiated by using hyperlinks over email and videos.

Click to Call Dialer Software works in different ways like-

  • The software will work as a Inbound Calls.
  • Software will also work as an Outbound Calls.
  • It will also work for mobile Adoption for mobile devices.
  • The dialer software will also work as a different industry.




Click-to-Call will work when agent’s clicks on your computer screen, you will instantly call your selected customers. This will allows your sales team to work directly inside with our existing CRM Software, making for more productive calling with advanced features to save your time. Click-to-call dialer allows for call transfer and three way calling. The dialer software allows making calls quickly using the application which they are working. It will allow recording all the connected calls and uploading call notes automatically. Another way using click-to-call is for sales and support agents in a working CRM.




  • Click-to-Call dialer offers agents to save time and it is a convenient way to establish a call with existing customers.
  • Integrates seamlessly with various business applications and 3rd party CRMs.
  • Click-to-Call dialer offers efficient Multiple Campaign management and also offers complete Agent performance analysis reports.
  • Dialer will help in providing the reports which are available for every dialing activity.
  • Click-to-Call with CRM provides an inbuilt facility of Disposition management along with analysis.
  • Dialer provides the facility of Call Back whenever call missed.




  • Save time typing numbers:

The Click-to-Call dialer software work to save time on a big level, but most important is that it will save your time typing a number into a phone. Because dialer allows you to make calls directly from the application you are using.

  • Automatic Data Logging:

One of the biggest losses with cold calling is that your agents won’t log all the data, or won’t have the ability to log all the data. Click dialers will automatically log the data, including call duration, call time and more.

  • Local Presence:

Generally, leads are more likely to pick up the call with local area code. Dialers that offer local dial have higher call answer rates. This helps you in reaching more customers with the same number of dials.

  • Call Recording:

If you’re not recording your calls, you’re missing an opportunity for connection and training. Click-to-Call dialer helps your team in recording important calls for better call result.

  • Quick Follow-Ups:

As the dialer will save team time and making leads data immediately accessible, click-to-call dialer makes it possible by taking all inbound calls with high priority call tasks.




  • Simply configured-

Simply configure your system with a few clicks, and you're ready to go. It's that simple!

  • Easy-to-use, e-Voice one-click dialing

Make telephone calls simply by clicking on the contact’s phone number in the Campaigners while using your current telephone system. E-Voice Click-to-Call even includes voicemail capability.

  • Fast and easy one-time set-up and configuration 

Easy-to-configure, web-based controls let administrators easily enable e-Voice Click-to-Call features. — no software is required.

  • Improved call volumes and calling efficiency

One-click calling speeds up call volume to let sales people quickly reach leads and convert more sales opportunities.

  • Connect with your devices

Use any mobile or landline telephone to connect. Works with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android devices, as well as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.