Click To Call

A Click to call is a softphone dialer software which is used to move quickly from call to call using one click of the mouse. Using Click to call software you can just click to send any of your prerecorded voicemails. This will help in saving more time and then there is no need to repeat the same message again and again. It is a very easy way for the clients or visitors to the website to get in touch with the company.

Using this service the company gets a notified and calls the client back when both the client and the company agent are free. With one click user initiates a voice call directly from their browser. There are many companies choose to offer their customers both text chat and phone options as ways to connect and find that the device they’re using affects the option they choose.


Click to Call Software for Your Business

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Now people think that people didn’t talk on the phone too much, but this is not true. There are more people connect with your company if you provide the user Click to call button. By clicking a phone number on your screen you instantly dial the call to the next lead. It allows your sales team to work directly inside your existing CRM. Calls are recorded and call logs can be instantly saved into the CRM software for the future.

Save More Time

Click to Call dialer provide agents to reach customers instantly without any need of manually dialing a new number each time.

One-Click Dialing

Make telephone calls simply by clicking on the contact’s phone number in the Campaigners while using your current telephone system. Click-to-Call even includes voicemail capability.

Increase Conversion Rate

Capture a genuine leads and convert leads on your website & app. Providing them easy solution that help in increasing the conversion rate.

Better Customer Experience

As the software will work easily and provide advanced services to people, which in result give the best customer experience. This will reduce the time of the customer in trying to reach you.

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Click to Call Benefits

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  • An agent doesn’t want to remember the number. Memorizing number is too difficult, it’s easy on a phone to keep important contacts.
  • The Click to call helps you in tracking the incoming calls and saves them automatically. It will monitor all the activities of the customers.
  • The software will help in dialing international call easily. The number must have the international code so that the site visitor can place the successfully.
  • It will provide the opportunity to track all the calls and saves your call history automatically.
  • Using Click to call software help in increasing the convenience for the business and customers both.