Cloud-based vs On-premise call center setup: which setup is useful for your call center?

If you are thinking about to set your call centre, you have to think about which kind of solution you would prefer for your call centre. It is a cloud-based call centre solution or an on-premise call centre setup. There is lots of confusion to choose anyone solution for your call centre. So it is essential to discuss these solutions and try to avoid all misconception.


But you need not worry, we will let you know about what is an on-premise call centre and cloud-based call centre solution. Firstly we will start from the top to the bottom.


On-Premise Contact Center: 

It is the Traditional call centre solution. You can set up all the physical devices, hardware devices and servers at the call centre location. And all the responsibilities like maintenance & all the repair relies on the Company. Due to this, the Company has to hire a special team for it.


Cloud-Based Contact centre: 

If you talk about the Cloud-bases call centre, the Company doesn't have to invest in the hardware and servers. This solution needs only internet access with good brandwidth to comfortably manage all kind of calls.

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Difference between On-premise call centre and Cloud-based call centre setup: We can compare both an On-premise call centre setup and Cloud-based call centre. Now here we look which call centre setup is more profitable for business in all respects.



If you are thinking about your working space like you have a small space and want to run to your call centre, you can choose a Cloud-based call centre. All you need, You have to pay a monthly charge for the per user along with your agent device and internet connection charge. On-premise call centre setup, you have to find the location where you can set up all the devices like servers, hardware, licences, etc.



If you want to choose the On-premise setup, this could be the right decision because the quality of calls is good and it is based on your latest technology. And Cloud-based call centre setup, the quality of your calls fully depends on your internet connection. The more and strong your internet connection is powerful, the more call quality you will get.



You may have to truly upscale or downscale in an on-premise setup instead of a few clicks and tweakings for a cloud-based call centre. This makes a cloud-based setup significantly more adaptable and versatile as per the business needs – contrasted with an on-premise setup.


Time to Market: 

To start the On-premise call centre, the Company needs to purchase hardware and install it on the Company's location. And select the area where you want to serve your service. And to start the Cloud-based call centre, you need to have only application and internet connection. This is the only thing to put yourself into the market and serve your service to your customers.


Business Continuity: 

Have so much hardware and devices in your call centre setup, it could be more painful for you when you want to relocate your office. It takes a lot of time to reinstall the full setup. But, in Cloud-based call centre setup case, you don't need to waste your precious time.


See, these are some difference between the On-premise call centre and cloud-based call centre. Now we discuss the advantages of these call centres.


Advantages of Cloud-Based Centre software: Here are some benefits of Cloud-Based call centre:-

1) Cloud infrastructure support

2) Improve energy efficiency

3) Fast deployment

4) Cost benefits to generate higher ROI.

5) Pay as per your need


Advantages of On-Premise Call centre software: Here are some benefits of On-premise call centre:-

1) Need to invest in purchasing the hardware and serves.

2) More control on your activity.

3) Self Hardware and maintenance team.

4) In-house data storage

5) Call quality as per the use of updated hardware and software.


So, now which Call Center Software you should choose for your call centre?

As we discussed above, all the factors about On-premise call centre software and Cloud-based call centre software. You are now able to differentiate all the pros and cons between this setup. By choosing the right setup, you can run your call centre and generate maximum ROI with your right decision.