Complete Calling Software Solution to do Work From Home

Vert-Age provides a complete virtual Call Center Solution using which support agents or salespeople can work remotely. It free agents from working to its on-site business location and help customers from a different third-party location. The software can be access from any location where agents want and using the software home agents can be active and effective anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

The work from home software can keep an eye on the agent's performance and dial calls at any time for review purposes. It provides proper reporting and helps call center managers that can handle pertinent stats and agents’ progress. It also has recording software that allows recording conversations that can further used for quality purposes. The software helps in maximize agent time that they spent on talking with the live customers

Work Remotely and Improve Your Agents and Customers Experience:

Start doing work from home by using an advanced call center with the right tools. Below is some basic list of tools and software that must be required to make work from home simple and effective while enhancing collaboration and team-based culture.

The Basic Requirement: Computer, Headset, and Internet Connection

To work from there are some basic requirements to make and receive calls remotely such as a computer for basic system requirements, a headset, and an internet connection.

Browser-Contain Call Center Software

To work from home agent must log in to your Call Center Software. The software is needed to make and receive calls. There is no hardware or software to install agents just needs to log in and start their work.

Smart ACD Software

An ACD is a system that is used in the call center to automatically route customer's calls to appropriate agents. It receives incoming calls and routes them to a specific agent based on customer information. The agent only receives calls that they can handle properly.

Customized CRM Software

Agents work from home, they have crucial information about customers that can be easily handled using Customized CRM Software. CRM can store information about each customer from phone numbers to call logs history. It constantly updates the information of the caller.

Remote Access Software for Monitoring

Before going to work from home agents should be sure that the team is well equipped to help set up and monitor remote workers. Using the software they can easily fix any technical issues from home agents.

Benefits of to do Work Remotely:

  • Easy to setup

Our work from home call center software is easy to set up which will save you stress and time. For onsite contact, the center requires configuring hardware and can be accessed from anywhere you want.

  • More Flexible for the Agents

It can be very easy to keep your call center running if you are feeling any difficulty or deficit of hardware. Your work progress will easily save into your database easily.

  • Easy to operate

With work from a home software solution, agents can work remotely and work as a more cohesive team because of the simple, well-designed application.

  • Easy Integration with other Software

The advance software solution can easily be integrated with other software tools in order to provide you with a streamlined process.  It always provides you the new ways to do work easier.

  • Proper Security

Once you have your work from home software solution you will operate it from anywhere. Your data will be protected with a better security option so that the second person can’t access it without your permission.