Conference Bridge

Conference Bridge or conference calling is the way to connect multiple professionals, who aren’t located in the same place need to meet up. The main logic behind the conference call is, when can’t bring everyone together face to face then getting them through conference calling is the best thing. This enables you seamless connectivity and collaboration with business associates across geographies.

Whether you are small industry or a huge cooperation good communication is one of the most important ways to attract customers. You can simply connect the customers of any area by using area code and numbers and add them for calling.You can initiate or participate in an online conference call via any desktop or laptop, whether it’s a Mac or PC.

Unfortunately, doing conference calling is much more complex. It can apply charges for long-distance connectivity for non-local call participants. Poor audio quality during conference calling can reduce call effectiveness of the calling. Difficult-to-understand conferencing controls can delay or interrupt meetings.

No limit to your success.

We just need to dial the phone number to begin the conference calling. People can connect freely as there is no code required for connecting them in a conference call. The customer feels free to connect and can cancel whenever they want as there are no contracts. People can pick up a call and start there conferencing and feel free to talk. Providing good conferencing we can impress our customers and increase our business.


  • Centralized database:
  • Multiple OBD campaign:
  • Call optimization:
  • List management:
  • Multiple dial method:
  • For joining the conference call customers don’t need any reservation or advanced booking to join
  • As it is toll-free so customers didn’t need to pay and can access free for their participants.
  • It is cost effective as we don’t need to travel to meet up with our customers in different places.
  • With conference calls, we can send conferencing request on the fly, with no requirement to meet up:
  • Provide unlimited calling with the group and get report and recording that make file meeting notes:


  • Provide 24*7 hour conference access:
  • Connect multiple calls and record meetings.
  • Will also provide dynamic video conferencing
  • Connect conference call with any kind of device
  • Get an audio alert on entering or while leaving the guest:
  • Save meetings on demand in the favorite list for future
  • Connect multiple calls in a single slot for an unlimited time