Conference Bridge and Collaboration Conversation Software for Call Center

Conference Bridge a call bridging software that connects multiple calls together. The Conference Bridge calls are hosted by a 3rd party service provider and are used by many companies for decreasing the cost. It is an ideal solution when you need to organize an online meeting-scheduled or not. Callers on hold until all clients or customers are on, you can see who is actively talking. After dialing the conference number, the person needs to type the code and maybe other numbers such as an option or passcode for joining the conference. Those codes are provided by the host or by the organizer of the conference call. There may be some condition either you succeed to type the entire code without having the conference timed out or you need to start all over again. Basically Conference Bridge was developed for the people because they have to call multiple conference calls daily. You can connect any people from anywhere worldwide on the conference bridge and start your calling.

A Conference Bridge allows a group of peoples to connect on a phone call. Conference Dialer provides you one-tap auto dialer conference call using conference number and displays all your calls or filtered conference calls. Using the software you can free your customers from long-distance travel and arrange a meeting for them online. This is a three-way calling, a standard feature in most of the conferencing system which connects only three people. Many of them conferencing systems connect more calls and having add on features.

Conference Bridge Software Benefits:

  • Convenient and Productive-

Using advanced calling equipment audio conferencing saves more time and conveniently brings people together. Participants can connect with each other using smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. 

  • Call Recording-

The Conference Bridge Software is capable that it can record the conference calls and store the recording for future use. It is more beneficial for call center agents.

  • Cost Effective-

An audio conference bridge is cost-effective for the business. The employees or other person who needs to join the meeting can join easily. By comparison, phone conferences cut major costs and are available on a global level.

  • Scheduling-

Moderators that manage the Conference Bridge send a notification to the Conference Bridge meeting. Using the information person can join the conference at the beginning.

  • Secure Conferencing-

Conference Call services are fully secure and accessible 24 hours a day from mobiles. They are extremely secure, using a personalized security code and encryption for all calls.

Conference Bridge Software Features:

  • Connect Maximum Call at a Time-

There are many providers that connect a maximum of 10 callers at a conference at a time. As you search for a conference bridge service, you’ll need to make sure the service you select can host the number of callers that you’ll need for your business at any given time.

  • Proper Call Control-

With call Conference Bridge you can also control entire conferencing from your phone also that provide you the flexibility to control your accounts with web portal. It provides you the ability to mute, record, secure and more other options.

  • Detailed Call Recording-

Most Conference Bridge services provides a recording facility for security purposes. It can be included in the cost with some providers, while others charge a premium fee for recording. Some allow you to download the recording to either your desktop while others allow you to save them online.

  • Lock & Unlock Call Facility-

There are some service provider that restricts access to your conference call anytime. Use Attendee Count to know how many participants are on your call and lock it for added security when you know everyone is joined.