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CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management, a complete software solution which provides a complete solution to customers. It brings lots of capabilities and functions like store customer’s information, calls, sends emails, manages reports, appointments, manages profile and does lots of other work for customers.  The main purpose of using the CRM Software is to connect more customers and keep customers.

Who can use CRM?

Traditionally CRM Software is used in sales, marketing and call centers. But now a day it will be used almost in every field. Like in general stores, city malls, hotels etc. It is used by small businesses, startups, enterprises and in many fields.


Collect the information about website visitors.


Helps in figure out if a lead is hot/warm/cold, reviewing previous conversations with a customer.

Call Centers:

Integrate your CRM with helpdesk to gather information and manage activity.


Made enhance relationships with customers

It will save all the information about the customers from starting until the lead closed. This will put agents in good condition to recognize peoples and their needs.

Reduce data entry

CRM provides you an automatic option for creating and for many tasks so you don’t need to type more. It will save agents from typing as well as the time of the agents.

Provides better communication.

CRM will become the single source which helps in providing all the information of the customers. It will help in better communication of agents with the customers.

Generates high revenue.

Using the advanced CRM Software we can take care of customers, we can cross-sell and up-sells at right time. This helps in generating more revenue for the organization.

With more collaborate provide strong business.

All the information which is saved in our CRM is useful for both the sales team as well as and marketing, support team too. They can plan a campaign and use this information for the future.


  • Lead Management

With advanced CRM Software, we can organize our leads according to the category for easy sorting and retrieval. Using this we can get the dedicated interface with the list of our important leads. Get all the information about the leads.

  • Email System

The CRM Software will provide you integrated Email services. It will help you in switching between the Client Email and the CRM which is a time sink. CRM with integrated Email will help you in spending less time navigation and more time to think.

  • Sales/ Marketing Automation

It is one of the main components of CRM software. This will help in automates the sales process taking customer inquiry and send them to reply. An Automation feature having its web forms which help in taking leads. This module is also as marketing automation.

  • Sales Tracking

Sale Tracking is an important feature in sales automation or as a separate module. Some vendors include this feature as it helps you in measuring the sales analytics. It will find How much you’ve sold? Where did you sell? Whom did you sell? These are some of the basic functions of the Sales Tracking module.

  • Generates Reports

CRM will generate time to time reports for you which will help in improving the performance of the agents. CRM knows that if you can’t measure your performance time to time you can’t improve. You can create reports on monthly bases or quarterly as you want. It is important to choose the CRM Software which is flexible for your business.