Customized CRM Software Solution is quite indispensable for any company. This software helps keep all your data about your, prospects, customers, leads in one place. So, when you need any info, everything is at your disposal and ready to be used – no rummaging through the pile of papers and sticky notes on your desk. When you want to provide customized service or support, CRM software is very handy. You can build your own Customized CRM Software Solution or buy a ready-made one. And like any other software, this one has a hoard of options available. So, how do you choose one?

Here is a list of some basic features that you must look for in your CRM software solution:

  • Lead management: A dedicated interface with a list of your leads. Clicking on a lead gives you their whole file including their demographics, latest conversation, recent activity, etc.
  • Pipeline management: A “visual sales pipeline” view which is basically an overview of all your deals, grouped under different stages, calling/emailing contacts associated with a deal, etc.
  • Built-in-phone: With this, you don’t need call center software or integrate your CRM into the software. You can simply place a call with a click and the software will log it and map it.
  • E-mail: Your CRM should be able to handle email contacts and their demographics as well.
  • Report: you can only do better if you know how much you’ve done already. With all the stored data, the software should be able to generate regular reports.
  • Automation: Sales are based on repetitive tasks like sending out reminder emails or invoices. The software should automate all such trigger-based actions and do these tasks for you.

Now, why invest in a customizable CRM software solution?

Many solutions are present in the market for a high-end Customized CRM Software Solution, but there are two major problems with their out-of-the-box solutions: difficulty in implementation and inflated costs.

3 reasons to buy a customizable CRM software solution:

  • Exactly what you need:

Most Pre-built Customized CRM Software Solution is created to appeal to the masses. They are packed with all sorts of functions and features which are not important to you but lack one or two which could be very useful for your company. If you can customize, you can pay only for what you need. Noting more, and nothing less.

  • A perfect fit for your business operation:

By using a Platform-as-a-Service instead of shrink-wrapped Customized CRM Software Solution, you have an opportunity to automate many other areas of your business. You can integrate more of your departments like sales, customer service, technical support, etc. and run them efficiently. It is easy to branch out and grow without taking off the main frameworks completely even much after complete installation.

  • Pocket-friendly:

You pay for only what you want. So, no extra overheads and no wasted investment. Unlike in pre-built software which usually has very high charges associated with them. On average, CRM users experience an $8.71 return on every dollar of their CRM investment, according to Nucleus Research.