Escalation Matrix Help Desk System for Your Business

An Escalation Matrix is an issue handling process that notifies agents and decides the assigning of tickets to different level agents.

Not every ticket is the same and created equally. Some are easier than others and some may indicate the larger issue. Ticket Escalation helps you in identifying the tickets that require special attention or intelligent agents and route them to the appropriate agents.

Every business must have a proper escalation matrix in its working system. It follows different levels or hierarchies that can be created smoothly to get the issue resolved within a given time period. Any complaint that received in Ticketing System is assigned to the first level by default. If however, the ticket is not resolved, it will pass on to the next level support agents. This is to make sure that there is a seamless workflow system.

Organizations must have complete control over the resolution of different tickets. It is essential and more important in delivering flawless customer service. Based on the stage of the ticket our Help Desk Ticket Management System provides automatic escalation management starts from the lower level support person to the higher management staff.

Vert-Age Ticketing System is capable of managing all your ticket escalation based on your conditions to get tickets automatically assigned to the right person for their prioritized attention. We are delivering high-quality support to our customers and partners. Our technical team is ready to solve your issues and available all the time at your door.

Create Your Escalation Matrix To Make Your Support Help Desk More Smooth:

  • Improve Support Efficiency

The main reason using Escalation Matrix in Ticket Management Help Desk System is to increase the performance and efficiency of the support team. It allows agents to categorize the customer’s ticket and then assigned it to the relevant department or agents.

  • Enhance Relationship with Customers

Resolving the customer issues in time and make them happy will leads in making the better relationship with customers and other partners. Make better relationship with customers helps in generating more new clients and increase the business rapidly.

  • Assign Tickets to Right Person

It is most important that the generated ticket must be assigned to the right person who belongs to the same department for which ticket is created. Assigning the ticket to the right person helps in resolving the issue or ticket in quick time.

Why Escalation Matrix is Important?

Every customer wants better support with better software for their business. They are joining companies that offer great customer service support and resolve customer's queries in time. Below are some points that will help you understand the need for an Escalation Matrix.

  • Direct Routing

This is the traditional routing technique that uses IVR Routing to guide customers. Whenever customer rings the bell on support number they provide a bunch of option. Once they selected the option our Ticketing Help Desk will route them directly to a particular department.

  • Skill Based Routing

The skill-based routing belongs to the agents that have expertise in their field. In this routing technique, the ticketing system will route the tickets to a specified agent that has a piece of good knowledge about the particular ticket. The agent has been trained with the skill sets necessary to solve a specific kind of support problem.

  • Least Occupied Routing

Least Occupied Routing is the routing techniques that send the latest tickets to those agents who has the least amount of work. This will help in utilizing the agents in best way and solving maximum amount of tickets in quick time.

Types of Escalation Matrix that Works for Organization:

The customer places the call and is connected to the agent who is more likely to solve the problem or who is available at the movement. But when the agents fail to provide the required assistance there are four types of Escalation takes place.

  • Hierarchical Escalation

In this, escalation the support ticket is escalated to the person according to their seniority level and overall experience in handling similar types of issues.

  • Functional Escalation

Functional escalation means a created ticket will be sent to the team or agent who has the exact knowledge about the issue that is needed to solve it.

  • Priority Escalation

Here in priority escalation the ticket is assigned according to its priority level and is sent to team leaders and higher levels faster due to its importance.

  • Automatic Escalation

In this escalation, businesses use call center software to automatically route project problems to the next level once a certain amount of time without a resolution has passed.

How to Make Escalation Ticket Management System Successful?

We are the best Auto Dialer Software provider company and provide the best support to our clients. We set a benchmark and allow our agents to crack that successfully. Customers always expect the best service provided to them and resolve their issues in a given time period. Here are the few points to keep in mind to ensure escalation management is handled properly and generated results satisfy the customers and improved operational efficiencies.

  • Create a process

We need to define which tickets need immediate attention. Every company will have its own criteria that identify which tickets escalated first, based on goals, and customer expectations. The point is to be clear so that it could easily understand your criteria within your support organization.

  • Make Proper Documentation

Escalation processes when started it should be regularly documented and reviewed to ensure they are working in the right direction according to the customer's requirement. The process should be repeatable and new information is to be updated from time to time.

  • Include Escalation in all channels

Use escalation in all possible channels including email, SMS, social media, and phone. Agents must be available to answer calls, emails, or social media inquiries clearly and response times should be outlined when appropriate.

  • Work together

Parties must need collaboration by using the ticketing system so that they can solve issues in the allotted time. Contingency plans need to be in place in case of system issues.

What role Escalation Matrix plays in Customer Service

No matter how you are an expert in providing the best customer service, you cannot please everyone all the time. Sometimes customers will become stressed, irate, or he will ask to speak to a manager. When the current agent simply can’t solve the customer's issue, Escalation Ticket Management comes into play. Due to this reason, customer service employees are trained in proper escalation management procedures. You need to prepare an escalation management workflow so that your agents can work step-by-step using the workflow.

Organizations must need to allow only those agents who are good at handling customer issues and a strong ability to handle escalation management. The ability to handle tense situations is most important in an era, sometimes when frustrated customers have an instant outlet on social media. It totally depends on the customer service managers that have the skills to handle the situations using all their knowledge with proper escalation management.