High-Performance Predictive Dialer Software for your call centers.

A Predictive Dialer Software is automated call dialer software which provides agents live connections and increase productivity. The dialer software will connect only the call which is answered by the live human, it disconnects machine answering calls. The dialer software having the capability to find out the average call time so that it can arrange incoming calls accordingly.

Predictive Dialer Software identifies unsuccessful calls so that it can be callback later or dial manual call. It has the ability to utilize the call metrics to predict the moment when human agents will be available to make the next call. Dialers will dial multiple numbers at the same time. The main goal is dial the right number of leads at the right time so that agent can increase the productivity.

An automated telephone dialing, Predictive Dialer dials telephone numbers automatically. It increases agent productivity and improves the campaign by automatically dialing, skipping busy calls, no-answered calls, and disconnected calls. Advanced Predictive Dialer System analyses unsuccessful calls for a call back later or requires some special handling.

A Predictive Dialer Software is an automatic dialing system that can dial multiple calls at a time. It will help in improving the productivity and speed while keeping all the process simple. Dialer leaves a message if the call is answered by answering machine and if the call is answered it will transfer to the agents. It helps in minimizing the agent waiting time.

Predictive Dialer Software Features:-


  • Count Peak Calls

Peak Call Count (PCC) sets the bar of maximum calls which can be dialed at once. If the PCC is set to 100 and 80 calls is connected, then 20 more calls will be dialed out.

  • Maximum Pacing Ratio

It will define the ratio between available agents and the calls made by each agent. The Maximum Pacing will set the limit of the calls that each agent dials how many calls.

  • Control Dropped Calls

The dropped call ratio defines the maximum percentage of calls dropped, out of a total number of calls connected outgoing calls. This will help in controlling pacing ratio, without which a lot of contacts will be connected to, and dropped due to unavailability of agents.

  • Agent waiting time

The Agent Waiting Time defines the time between the agents wrapping the previous call and being connected to fresh call in seconds. This will confirm that an agent does not have to sit for a long time.

  • More Reliable for the agents

The Predictive Dialer is more reliable for the agents as it decreases the workload of the agents. Allow agents to work freely with proficiency by skipping the dialing procedure.

  • Cost-effective

The Predictive dialer is cost-effective dialer software. It will save you from buying any other extra hardware component and you just have to pay monthly rent and no extra cost.                   

  • Proper Work Management

We provide experienced agents with advanced dashboard to have a clear view of their contact center. It will help in scheduling and forecasting highest level of customer services.

  • Answer Machine Detection

An Answering Machine Detection is a good technology which utilizes voice frequency and determines whether the call is connected to live person or an answering machine. Only live person calls then connected to agents.