Work From Home Calling Software of 2020 to protect you from COVID-19

Make Office in Your Home and Start Using Work From Home Software for Your Business

A complete Work From Home Software that allows managers to monitor calls being placed through the dialer software system from anywhere, as well. This shows that your managers can keep an eye on your performance, status, and activity at any time for training and monitoring. The whole process can be controlled simply by just using Work From Home Software.

The software generates real-time reporting so that call center managers can keep a close eye on the status of the customer's request and the agent's progress and closed sales. The recording will help in archiving and training support and the agent's personalized integrated daily planner ensures that follow-up calls are made and daily tasks are effectively tracked. The dialer system allows your remote agents to maximize their time spent on the preferred phone with live prospects. .




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Benefits Using Work From Home Software

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Make Office in Your Home and Start Using Work From Home Software for Your Business.

  • Monitor Your Agents Live:
  • The software solution is used by managers to monitor your agents and see exactly how they are doing. It allows you to handle all your agent's activities live. This feature of Work From Home is used to train your agents and use our barge in feature to save the day.

  • Manage Your Callbacks:
  • Need to call to your follow up? Go ahead with Work From Home Software an easy way to manage all your follow-ups. Just select the date and the time and select the particular number for the follow-up. The Dialer Software will remind you so you don’t forget.

  • Increase Call Center Productivity:
  • The software is flexible and comfortable so that it can increase both productivity and creativity. This will boosts staff morale in the long term.

  • Working on business trips:
  • Software is very useful so that employees can access essential data and tools while on business. It ensures that the data you need to excel no matter where they are.

  • Connect you with the world:
  • It allows your businesses of all shapes and sizes to connect to clients, partners, or colleagues across the globe. Everyone can communicate and collaborate easily and effectively, regardless of distance.