Hosted OBD Service with IVR Solution Voice Broadcasting. OBD Voice Call Service

OBD is an advanced automated Outbound call dialing software solution that dials a list of numbers in a group using multiple channels. We provide OBD Services that help you by providing a simple and hassle-free outbound dialer solution, which works for any business on any platform. OBD Service helps you out by providing a simple Outbound Dialer Solution, for any business on any platform. OBD Services is a cost-effective and affordable communication product having advanced features.

This OBD Services helps in reaching out to many peoples at a time and provide more profit for the organization. We offer a user-friendly service which helps you to run your business in a convenient way. You can accelerate your sales and call with next-generation, OBD software.

OBD Dialer is of 4 types a Preview Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Predictive Dialer, and Power Dialer. You can easily use them according to your customer requirement. OBD Dialer services have many key features like effective call management, provide smooth workflow and integration of database.


OBD Benefits:

  • Quick And Easy Deployment-

OBD Software is easy to set up and most preferred by other as it can get started quickly as connecting to the internet.

  • Increase Maximum Reach-

Using Outbound service call center agents can ensure maximum call reach and can take more calls.

  • Decrease Ambiguity-

It will help in sending and receiving calls without any loss of data with multilingual support and decrease the chance of data loss.

  • Lower Cost-

Collecting the customers need and provide them OBD solution in one time investment make our business user friendly and helps in saving money.

  • Better Security-

The dialer will provide guaranteed authentication using voice OTP through route OBD with one time password for better security.

OBD Features:

  • Cost Reduction:

It is one of the best feature of using OBD Services. You don’t need to use expensive PBX setup or an extra person to maintain the OBD Services.

  • Integrated CRM Software:

It is important for every outbound call center software solution having integrated CRM Software. This integrated CRM software automates call routing and other tasks for call center.

  • Import/ Export Data:

An advanced outbound call center software solution enables agents to easily import and export data of their customers and leads. It also allows agents to enter leads and new customer.

  • Improve Efficiency:

The Software will also help in improving the agents efficiency to work in a team. It provides agents to work together to improve and make the work challenging.

  • Call on single click:

Click-to-call features in outbound call center software are an important application which helps in increasing gent efficiency. It will also eliminate the change of “calling error”.

  • Call Recording & Monitoring:

Helping with the tasks of call center agents, call center software solution record the calls and monitor all incoming and outgoing calls. Both recording and monitoring software are ideal for outbound and inbound calls.

OBD Importance:

  • Consistent Communication- OBD Software helps in reaching out multiple customers simultaneously with engaging message.
  • Increase Productivity- Using the OBD Services agent can schedule high impacted target voice campaign in advance.
  • Better Services & Support- The software will help in providing better support and service and complete end to end user support management.
  • Availability- All the client works for OBD services is always available for customer services and protection against technology.
  • Easy Cost for Connection- If you use our BD Services, there is no need to pay the extra cost for buying the services. We provide low cost OBD services for our customers.