An Inbound Call Centre Software Solution is defined as the one where a client starts a call center or calls a call center. The help desk at a call center or organization may also handle the calls. Also, the calls are made by the employees of the people coming with queries. A call center works and deals with both inbound and Outbound Call Center Software Solution in combination.

The call center works are examined by metrics like First Called Resolution, i.e. FCR, Average Handle Time, i.e. AHT and Time in a queue. The Inbound Call Centre Software Solution using organization handles services towards Service-Level agreement i.e. SLA. Nowadays the employees of Call Center Software can interact with their customers through email, chats or/and telephone calls.

When talking about inbound call center software solution the following features are must-have:

  1. ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)
  2. Multilevel IVR (Multilevel Interactive Voice response)
  3. Routing based on skills
  4. Customized queues of calls
  5. Built-in CRM call center software
  6. Integrations of Business tools
  7. Dedicated and Regular Phone Numbers
  8. Voicemails of Agents and Team
  9. Real-time metrics
  10. Historical Reporting

Inbound Call Centre Software Solution:

  • The ACD allows the employees to interact with callers and direct them to suitable departments based on the information provided. ACD plays significant roles in Routing based on skills, Monitoring of calls, call metrics etc.
  • Multilevel IVR plays a significant role in directing the call based on the information. The call center employees and agents are able to Change greetings, menus, levels, thus helping the customers with proper guidance and information.
  • Routing based on skills route the customer to the suitable department based on their IVR choices, the number they dialed and call history with call center employee. The agent’s skills and expertise help the customers to interact in any suitable language and query.
  • Customized Call Queues is important as all the Call Center Software have to maintain a spate queue for each and every department. This feature helps in defining the maximum limit of a queue, callback from employees and voicemail features.
  • Call Centre with Built-in CRM software helps in enhancing caller id. This way the agents and team will have proper detailed information of the client which may include Name, Phone Number, Display Picture, Organization and Work Status. If the customer has called before the call history will also be available along with call recordings and voicemails if any.
  • Business Tools Integration like Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Zen desk, High-rise, etc. The agents will be able to get detailed cases, events, notes, chat transcripts and the entire contact history of the customer. This helps agents to be more organized, effective and precise.
  • Call centers make sure that every customer contacting them has the voicemail of their own to avoid any sort of confusion. The agents and team keep the track record of each and every client calling from any number.