Inbound Call Center Software Solutions:-

Vert-Age a company which can provide advanced Inbound Call Center Software Solution for your call center Using the Advanced Inbound Solution we can get the advantage of the experts and the complete resources of an entire expert team with skilled IT professionals. The clients who connected with our inbound solution can have all the solution, they’ll have the advantage that increases the industry knowledge.

Inbound Call Center Software Solution Features:-

•    CRM Integration:

In Inbound Software by using open API’s we can easily connect customer data with your call centers. For adding the customer, we can use our CRM and ticketing integration. By connecting all the data with the CRM agents can handle many calls quickly and efficiently.

•    IVR Flexibility:

Having Hosted IVR solution, the customers are guided using Automated IVR unit where they have to choose the service which they want. As the customer joins our family, our business increase and it becomes more important to provide consistent service until he is in our family.

•    Automatic call distribution:

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) a type of software technology which can allow inbound call centers to transfer agent calls, their emails and SMS to the agents on the basis of customer request. Automatic Call Distribution systems arrange calls and all the messages and check the whole system and see which agent having more skills and help the customers most.

•    Queue Monitoring:

The inbound calling software manages all the callers in a queue and quickly transfers them to the agents for the help. Compatible with IVR, chat, email and more, using ACD customers decides which service they want and then we will help them. With our ACD software, we have complete control over how customers interact with the call center.

•    Skill-based routing for agents:-

The agent who works in our company has their own strength and weakness. Our CRM Software finds the appropriate agent from the available agents for the request which comes from the customers. After transferring the call to the agent, he will work on and solve it. It is one of the best features that our software provides.

Inbound Call Center Software Solution Advantages:-

•    Connect to Best Agent

Inbound Software check before forwarding the customers call to the agent that the agent is capable of solving the customer's query or not. We do not want the callers to wait for their solution. The routing capability of an inbound call center allows good customer experience and increase the operational efficiency by assigning each customer to the most skilled and available agent.

•       Deliver Consistent Service

We can improve our customer service by using an intelligent IVR system while allowing businesses to service high call volumes at a lower cost. Using advanced IVR solution, Inbound Call Center Software provides various options and paths for helping the users to get quick responses and provide faster resolution of the problem. This also helps call center agents to be more productive & effective.

•       Offer a Personalized Call Support

Know who is calling you rather than having to ask. With Inbound Call Center Software Solution having CTI integration, the agents can get complete call history within seconds, informing them of all the relevant information. Being up-to-date with all the contextual information on the issue at hand, the agents are in a much better position to handle the call and guide the customer to the solution.

•       Monitor and Measure Call Performance

Have high-quality conversations by ensuring routine monitoring of calls. The Call Center Software has numerous options of checking the effectiveness of a conversation by snooping in on the call or barging the conversations. Also, in case of escalations, the supervisor can even take over the conversation.

Inbound Call Center Software Solution Uses:-

  • We can combine Inbound Software Solution with our leading CRM for better use and earn a profit.
  • Using Vert-Age Inbound Software Solution we can route customers to the right agent.
  • We can easily integrate IVR and Auto Dialer software using Inbound Call Center Software Solution
  • Using inbound solution we can maximize the capacity of attending customers of the agents.