Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions For Your Call Center

IVR or Interactive Voice Response system used to access the database information using the phone. We can say that it is a technology which can help the customer through the call and plays pre-recorded options using voice for the customer. IVR provides many choices like numbers or sometimes the caller’s information. He has to select one of the options according to their need and then the agent can solve the problem easily. By providing detailed information caller can access his data which they need. It is open source software which is important for call centers and we are providing IVR Solution at an easy cost.

The input which is provided by the user is then read by the IVR system which is used to fetch the appropriate information. IVR Services is used to communicate with the people and collect user information through the use of voice and DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) by using inputs of the keyboard. IVR system is simple and effective which reduces the cost and increase the efficiency of the company.

The IVR is a technology which can allow computers to interact with customers by using a voice command or any available input. It will provide customers a self-service option to complete their work own instead of waiting for an agent. It can be used for processing the credit card payments by creating telephone surveys, and help automate other business processes. Customers can also navigate through the system using their telephone; all the responses related to the payment will be logged.

Major IVR Components:

  • An Incoming Number which receives the incoming calls dialed by the customers. It may be a toll-free number or a regular number.
  • DTMF Codes, they are the response which is given by the caller after calling. DTMF code is known as touch tones which generated when the caller presses Keys on the phone.
  • Voice Responses are the collection of recorded voice which is played when a particular key is pressed. This may be pre-recorded voice, or some computer voice is generated in real-time.
  • IVR Custom Action is the actions which the IVR system takes on the receipt of DTMF codes. The actions should be as simple as transferring to some extension.
  • CRM System is the software which can be used to customize IVR in real-time, give a response to caller accordingly and also take necessary actions inside CRM.
  • Connect Faster, a caller chooses from multi-level menus so that they can select the right person. Uses pre-defined rules, traffic monitoring & real-time reports for managing the waiting time efficiently

IVR Advantages:

  • Cost Reduction

The most important advantage of IVR is that it reduces the cost. It is because the call directly lands on human if it is not eliminated.

  • Non Office Hours

It helps in working non office hours also. Agent can receives the calls outside the office responded by the IVR System.

  • Prompt Service

IVR can play messages so customer will have to wait for the response. IVR System can play it in real-time without any delay.

  • Work From Home

Most of the companies use work from home to provide support for their customers and agents also.