IVR or Interactive Voice Response system used to access the database information using the phone. We can say that it is a technology that can help the customer through the call and plays pre-recorded options using the voice for the customer. IVR provides many choices like numbers or sometimes the caller’s information. He has to select one of the options according to their need and then the agent can solve the problem easily. By providing a detailed information caller can access his data which they need.

The input which is provided by the user is then read by the IVR system which is used to fetch the appropriate information. IVR is used to communicate with the people and collect user information through the use of voice and DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) by using inputs of the keyboard. IVR system is simple and effective which reduces the cost and increases the efficiency of the company.

Benefits of IVR

  • Handle Large Call Volume
  • A smart VR System facilitates effective IVR workflows to streamline the calls to enable advanced customer support and reduce customer waiting time.

  • Increase Service Efficiency
  • The software will increase the efficiency of the agents who work for the company and uses IVR Service in a more proficient manner. It solves a specific problem and fulfills the need of the customer’s that they are assigned.

  • Reduce Costs
  • Using IVR Service will replace the receptionist or a customer service agent who answers all the calls and transfer it to the available agents. They are also very affordable; it increases efficiency and reduces costs.

  • Automated Survey
  • Our phone system can call your customers within a few minutes of their call for a quick, short survey. It is a good option to take a customer survey at their most convenient time. The survey is customized and would be available 24/7.

  • Package Delivery
  • As you are delivering the packages, furniture, appliances, etc. it is too difficult for the agents call each and every customer for confirming the delivery time. We can customize using software so the customer will confirm the time and reschedule if they want.