Interactive Voice Response (IVR) & Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) for call center organization

As we know there is pandemic situation everywhere and now things are all setup for post-pandemic situation. Many call centers are going to transform itself to inbound solutions which will be useful for pandemic situation as well as later also. As covid-19 pandemic starts, Vert-Age has focused on its clients to adjust the unpredictable challenges.
You might be looking for such wonderful software for your call center, If we are talking about the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) can help your call center office to tackle the call center operations. We are designed the software to put forward your call center as well as you in the competitive scenario.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

It is 100% probability that you have suffered from pandemic situation and you adjust your agents to work from home and your customers are also working from hope. To connect with your customer, you have to approach your customers as per their convenience. 
If you are actually looking for IVR, here are advantages of IVR System:

1. Increase customer service efficiency:

Agents who actually want to solve your customer's problems or wants to engage with customers. This will increase your customer's service efficiency.

2. Reduce operational cost:

Because first interaction of IVR process is pre-recorded voice with your customers, there is no need of any agent at that time and it will reduce your operational costs.

3. Increase first contact impression: 

IVR increased your first impression in front of the customers. It is the first one which interacts with your customers and after transfer the call to the agents as per your client's query.

4. Use for professionalism:

IVR can be used for increasing your professionalism. It will greet your customers in a very professional way and make your company's genuinity and professionality in from of your customers.

5. Customer's satisfaction improvement:

If you are willing to use IVR for your Call center process, it will increase your customer's satisfaction improvement. 

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD):

Automatic Call Distribution or ACD is also known as call routing system. It can be useful for your customer's query solution. When a customer call you, ACD routes the call as per customer's query in that particular department to the agent. Automatic Call Distribution works to fill the gap between the business resources and customer expectations.

That's why more call center owners have believed on ACD. ACD makes call process smooth and efficient process by transferring the right customer to the right agent as quickly as possible.

Working process of Automatic Call Distribution:

Do you know how does ACD Works? No, we will tell you how it perform for your call center organization. With the integration of ACD, ACD transfer the calls directly to the most informative agents. It will be decided by you that how it will forward the calls to the agents.

The technique of ACD is very different. ACD system configures the incoming calls, call waiting time, call's traffic and knowledge of agents on receiving end of a call. When there is any issue from callers end, ACD groups them accordingly and transfer the call to the problem-related department. 

Call distribution methods: 

Call Distribution method depends on the various call center. It depends upon how the call order fixed on ACD, ringing with the number on the top of the list, and transfer to the next age until it found another agent is free. 
Automatic Call Distribution or ACD transfers the call to your every free call center's agent at same time. It increases the response time for the customers which increase the impression of company on customers. 
Calls transfer to the least busy agent and manage the agent talk time of your call center.