Best IVR Services of 2020 to Guide your Customers to Right Solution

IVR refers to Interactive Voice Response is a business Call Management Software that can route customer calls to the related department automatically. With advanced IVR Systems call center agents can gather the input and responses through spoken words with voice recognition. Conversations are either pre-recorded or generated audio or route calls automatically. With this clients can communicate by selecting the option provided in keypad selection or voice telephone input. It helps in improving customer satisfaction and that means better customer retention, stronger relation, and improved sales.

As we know IVR can provide 24×7 service, customers can get their problems resolved anytime. You can boost customer satisfaction by programming an IVR System with personalized greetings. It increases the efficiency of the call center agents and maintains the brand value of a company. Therefore, most businesses especially small ones can greatly benefit from using the IVR system.

Why Business must need an effective IVR Solution?

Starting a new business is tough and manage your business constantly is important. We need to maintain business call efficiently because 80% of the business communication place only on phone calls. Let’s see why IVR is important for any business.

  • Easily Setup

Setting up your IVR System according to your requirements for the first time becomes easy. Simply log in to your live dashboard and add the departments according to your business needs and it’s done.

  • Enhance Customer Service

IVR systems increase their company efficiency using call automation processes in the workplace, this reduces call hold time. Having an advanced call handling process IVR improvises customer calling experience.

  • Attend Call in Business Hours

Easily configure business hours and never miss a call or lose a customer, no matter when they call. Customers can drop a voice message when agents are not there to answer the calls.

  • Better Customer Experience

Use IVR to show the awesomeness of your business. Add a different voice to your hosted IVR system & play in each queue. Hence, when the customer reached to agent their impression of your company will be more positive.  

Feature of IVR Services:-

  • Professional Greeting

Using IVR you can welcome your callers with a professional greeting and create a positive brand image.

  • Call Routing

IVR provides a different option that helps in routing all your business calls to the right department and the right agent automatically.

  • Voicemail

IVR provides the facility to your callers so that they can leave a voicemail for agents when there is no agent available for the service.

  • Keypad Input

IVR allows your callers to input their requirements on the IVR System menu and according to the requirement, it routes their calls to available agents.

  • Sticky Agents

It connects the agents directly to the particular agent that they have spoken earlier or the agent assigned to them.

Benefits of IVR Services:-

  • Improve Brand Image

With 24*7 services, professional voice greeting, and other best functions that will surely improve the brand image. Handle high volume calls easily and reduces customer wait time IVR system will enhance their brand’s professional image.

  • Increase in Production

Route calls to the specific department and solves customer queries quickly will increase work efficiency and improve agent productivity. It saves the time of transferring the call to the right agent for solving the caller’s query.

  • Saves Customer Time

Customers don't want to listen to long menu options. IVR allows customers to skip the options they don’t need. As a result, less dropped calls and customers may be given the option of a callback when their wait time is very long.

  • Reduce Call Center Cost

Using this service will reduce call center costs. Great service happens when both employees and customers are given tools for success. Using the IVR System, your brand can make every service very easily.

  • Quick Resolution

IVR significantly allow an agent to quickly solve customer’s issues with the best solution quickly. It directs incoming call always to most capable agents, the agents who receive call is much qualified to answer the question.