Leading Auto Dialer Software for Call Center to increase call center productivity.

Auto Dialer Software completes outbound dialing software that can dial a set of contacts automatically. Depending on the requirement of the customers it can have a different type of auto dialer software which suits your call center. Depending on the call flow you can play a greeting or play IVR to control it. All the calls can be assigned to different agents based on the condition. Auto Dialer Software you can record messages and broadcast them to a list of phone numbers, allowing the customer to connect with the call by pressing the number keys. Agents can use it to contact people for lead generation, marketing, sales, notification, political campaign and more. With all the smart features of the dialer software helps the call center to improve its services and agent performance.

Benefits of Auto Dialer:

  • Reduce Idle Time

Dial calls using manual dialing leads to high agent idle time here agents have to wait until a call is connected. Agents waste their time listening to busy tones, answering machines and facing disconnected calls. Using Auto Dialer Software you can reduce the waiting time of agents.

  • Increase agent talk time

As in manual dialing, an agent has to wait for the next call connected. Auto Dialer Software will reduce it which helps in increasing agent talk time. It is one of the key benefits of Auto Dialer Software.

  • Increase revenue

An increase in talk time will result in connecting more calls which increase the conversion rate of the agents. It saves almost 2 – 3 hours per day by elimination unnecessary calls. So that agents talks more and help in increasing revenue.

  •  Generates Proper Reports

Auto Dialer Software is capable of providing a detailed call report of the agents. It generates detailed reports of call center agents for future requirements. The reports will help in analyzing the performance of the agents.

Features of Auto Dialer:

  • Answering Machine Detection

The software has a special feature of detecting answering machines so it can save agents from busy calls, or unnecessary calls.

  • Auto Dialing Numbers

One of the most important features of Auto Dialer Software. You just need to upload the list of contacts and start the campaign. The dialer will start dialing these numbers automatically.

  • Contact List Management

It is too easy to upload contact lists to start your Auto Dialing Campaign. You can manage both old contact lists and new incoming contacts list.

  • Proper Call Recording

The Auto Dialer Software has the capability that it can record all the calls in detail for further queries. It is important to record the call for our safety purpose in the future.

  • Scheduled Calling

The Dialer Software will look up for the perfect time for starting the Auto Dialer Software the list of the numbers. It predicts the best time then allows starting calling.