A Leading Preview Dialer Software for domestic call centers. Empower your agent with user information.

A Preview Dialer Software as per the name preview customer information to agent screen. The dialer allows each contact record to be automatically delivered to agent’s campaign, such as list. As it provide flexibility to the agents which help them in making calls without any stress. This feature of preview dialer enables the agent to review contact detail before placing a call. The dialer will save the agent time in searching the contact detail and allow them to call freely. This will ensure that the agent is fully prepared before meet up with the customer. It helps in the agent time on searching the customer’s information. This will provide more time for an agent to interact with the customer and solve the issue. Preview Dialer Software is the best dialer software to interact with the people as it saves agent time.

An Agent need time research the contact, understand the calling history and then they can make call to the customers for helping them. The dialer provides flexibility to the agents and gives managers full control over the people being called. Using the dialer you will never face dropped calls as it helps in handling each n every call. There is no delay on the call while communication with the customer and so agents can talk with them immediately. They are less expensive and make a better connection with high conversion.   

Preview Dialer Software Working:

Before working with the Preview Dialer Software you first need the team of volunteers to call the customers and talk to them about the issue. They can guide the customers and solve their issues. Before that they need to search the contacts for the solution as there are many customers present at a time. Once they are prepared connect the agents to the representatives for review the notes and calling history of the customers. Now agents can hit the dial when the customer ready to talk. After the successfully completion of the call, the volunteers can connect the supporters to the other representatives if needed. The Preview dialer can be used to qualify leads in an effective manner.

Preview Dialer Software Benefits:

  • Say good bye to dropped calls

Using preview dialer software will save you from call drop, with the dialer you never experience dropped calls and lost leads, which keeps you active and energetic.

  • No delay in call connecting

It is one of the most important benefits why people think that they are being contacted by telemarketer. With preview dialer, there is no delay and so agents can talk to customers immediately.

  • Preview your customer’s information

When you are calling hundred, thousands of people in one day, it is too important having all the useful detail of the customer on the screen throughout the call.

  • Help in saving your time

As you know time is so important for the agents, you’ll be amazed that how much time you can save while you work using preview dialer.

  • Easy setup and Use

It is too easy to setup Preview dialer and it does not require a technical support or any kind of manpower. For agents it is more useful as it review all useful information of user.

Preview Dialer Software Features:

  • Live phone monitoring

Dialer will help the agents to stay on call while the voter talks to the decision maker. He puts the call on mute and can handle another call.

  • Unlimited Volunteers

As we know that volunteers are more important for the campaign. You can recruit as many as volunteers you wants for your campaign. This will non chargeable.

  • Script & Surveys

With the help preview dialer we can add a calling script and also survey for every campaign. Using the script you can train your agents and collect information on the call and progress it.

  • Dial Call from anywhere

Select your own volunteers from the country or around the world and put them on work. So, they can make call for campaign from anywhere in the world using the browser. It will take less cost.

  • View Complete History

The software will show you the complete call log of particular contact before calling them. Every call records and the notes saved by the agents is stored in the database and shown as the history. 

Preview Dialer Software Importance:

  • Equip and Empower agents for better use.
  • Help in minimizing the call time of the agents.
  • Provides flexibility to your agents to enable the success of the sales.
  • Organizations can use the dialer software for increasing productivity.
  • It will also help in eliminating all the uncertainties of the dialer.