Missed Call Service Provider for Call Center to Boost the Business

Missed Call Service is a way that allows you to connect with your users and get all their contact details free of cost. It is a web-based software service that enables you to get every notification of your calls on your registered toll-free number. Communicate with your customers at no cost easily. Make your missed call by just a click and the cost-effective way for you in your dashboard. It is the fastest medium to connect with the customer and improve productivity and know what they want. Once a customer’s leave a missed call, the contact detail of the customers is stored in the database and used for various purposes. It is a simple technique that helps in increasing your business. This missed call service is more helpful, especially when business contact is not reachable or switched off due to technical issues.

Missed Call Services Software can easily be integrated with advanced CRM Software. It becomes a deadly instrument for the client when integrated with CRM Software, as one dashboard can handle the entire product life cycle for you. It provides your audience to reach to you without any downtime and obstruction. So, basically, every call is a business and missing one is not acceptable in that case. We provide missed call software service to fulfill the need with its latest technological features.

How Missed Call plays an important role in Call Centers?

  • Help in maintaining Brand Image

Missed Call Service helps in maintaining the brand image. Companies that promote their brand with a miss call have a chance to become a professional and reputed business. Missed Call Service when used for business marketing to give notifications has higher chances of generating good marketing ROI.

  • A Cost-Effective Software for Your Business

A professional helpline number has always useful for every business to become more successful. Miss call help businesses to give away for an easier and better mode of customer communication in a cost-efficient way.

  • Better Customer Engagement

As there are huge customers that have smart phones, so here missed call plays an important role in their communication. Everyone needs the One Ring facility that procedure in the best and costs effective. One single dashboard will be dealing with the entire Product life cycle for you.

Missed Call Services Benefits:

  • Generates More Leads-

The Missed Call Service helps in collecting more information about customers and provide customer’s detail in real-time. A number of the Missed Call Service will generate more contact information we have.

  • Maintain Proper database-

Due to many missed calls on our number, it will generate a huge amount of data for us so we can connect more and more customers with us. Having a huge amount of storage can help you in storing large amounts of data for the future.

  • For Getting Proper Feedback-

Using Missed Call Service, you can get the proper feedback from your customers with the requirement of the customers. It is one of the shortest, easiest and convenient paths for them to reach you and grab maximum customers.

  • Helps in Handling Surveys-

There are many organizations that keep on conducting surveys regularly. The Missed Call Service is one of the best and the easiest way to connect more and more people participate in the survey.

Missed Call Services Features:

  • Live Admin Pannel

An advanced admin panel to maintain the record of the customers. This database can be further used for other purpose.

  • Real-Time Auto Updates

Real-Time updates to provide better service for the customers. This will give more profit for call centers.

  • Time-To-Time Reports

Proper report generation for better performance of the agents. Reports can show the performance of the employee as well as customer.

  • Detailed Call Recording

Time-To-Time recording of the calls for better monitoring on the agents. Admin can see all the detailed recording through the panel.