Missed Call Service Software for an organization to connect your customers

Start Dialing Missed Call from Today:

A Missed Call Service is automated software that is used by corporations and small businesses to reach out to the customers. We can say missed calls that it is a call that is disconnected without an answer. For setup the missed call campaign you just need a toll free number and publish on your website. You can also publish your toll-free number in the newspaper, your marketing campaign or in your social media account. After publishing the number, the customers will give missed calls on the number and in turn, you can send auto-reply.

Missed Call Services is useful to customers as it is totally free and the customer does not need to pay for giving a missed call. So if you use Missed Call Services for customer engagement, it is sure to be a success. This is the main reason why Missed Call Service are preferred for Business.

Missed Call Service for Your Business:

Missed Call Service Software can do more for your business, it measure marketing campaigns, reach the right target segment and increase the promotional campaign. The software can help in generating 100% proper leads coming from different mediums. Business gets real-time customers to feedback on different products and services if required. These surveys can in the language in which the customer is comfortable. It also provides content to the customers on demand like help material, new offers on products and more.

Let’s Focus on Some Uses of Missed Call Service Software:

  • For User Registration
  • For Coupon Delivery
  • For Call Back Services
  • For voting and taking feedback
  • For customer verification

Advantages of Missed Call Services:

  • Reached to Customers

The conversion ratio of customers who connects using missed call services is very high as compare to any other marketing medium.

  • Increase Productivity

Because Missed Call Service is user-friendly, it provides a customer an easy way to connect with the business by ignoring some unnecessary steps. This service will combine all step into one missed all service.

  • Inbuilt CRM for Easy Monitoring

Missed Call Service platform comes with inbuilt CRM Software which makes easy to keep a track record of customer communications made. Dashboard provides a graphical view of data which makes it easy for business.

  • Live event Voting

It is the most important part of the missed call service, it can be used anytime, anywhere by anyone. Live voting is one of the best examples of this. The user can vote by just giving a missed call on a particular number.