Missed Call Service to increase customer engagement for the Business

Missed Call means a call that gets disconnected without answering. It is used for people so they can communicate with each other without any cost. Giving a Missed Call to a particular number didn’t require any cost that provides more profit to customers. This process not only saves customers time but also reduce the manual intervention of your agents. It will increase your team productivity by bringing automation to your process of handling customer queries. When a customer call arrives on your number the system automatically rejects the call after one or two rings and saves customer information in your CRM or your live panel. You have caller information including their phone number, time of call, region, and detail.

When customer misses a call on your, you get an auto-reply SMS from the operator of who the caller was. Similarly business can use this solution more profoundly to help their customers by sending a variety of autoreply. For setup the missed call campaign you just need a toll free number and publish on your website. You can also publish your toll-free number in the newspaper, your marketing campaign or in your social media account.

Why Need Missed Call?

Collecting customer's data and maintenance becomes an easy task for any business using Missed Call Service. It eliminates the need for agents to manually handle calls and give information to the callers, which can be easily provided through an SMS. When a customer dials a missed call, the call gets disconnected automatically after one or two rings.

Missed Call management will automatically collect customer information and save it into live CRM. Using missed call service, customer's queries will be resolved without paying calling charges. They can easily get their required information, be it related to the company or a discount coupon code on the SMS.

Benefits of Missed Call Marketing:

  • Callback Services

The user’s call disconnected after one ring, and you’ll get an update of the received call on your dashboard. And the number of the caller will automatically be saved in your database.

  • Used for Verification

In any online submission, mobile verification required. Here missed call alert service is the best way to verify the user’s mobile numbers by giving missed calls to a particular number.

  • Useful in Polling

There are a lot of reality shows in which they use Missed Call Service for voting purposes. This is one of the easiest ways to know the audience's view of their favorite contestant.

  • For Proper Feedback

Everyone wants to know the customer feedback to improve their services. Missed Call Service will help them to know their feedbacks and their expectations from your services

  • Generate Leads

Easily engage your customers with the Missed Call Service for lead generation because they don't need to pay for the call. They can communicate with you anytime. It's for the businesses to start a conversation with the customers.

Features of Missed Call Marketing:

  • Customer Support

With missed call services you can provide 24*7 hour services to your customers and solve their queries.

  • Unlimited Calls

It has the capability that it can receives unlimited calls and always be there for helping the customers.

  • Multi-User CRM

When the lead lands on the panel all the information will stored on the live CRM of the business. 

  • Real-Time Alert

It provides the facility to get alerts of missed call by sending SMS on your mobile.

  • Cost Management

With click to call services you can setup blacklist and working hours for cost management.