Optimize your Political Campaign using Vert-Age Dialer | Political campaign

Political Campaign:-

When it comes to a Political Campaign, we need to build it fast and best, so everyone can use it well. The software provides you to quickly build communication networks with the people it keeps volunteers engaged and productive. The word Political Campaign means electing the candidate from an obtained candidate. In the modern political campaign, we are focusing on general elections and choosing a candidate for a certain post in state government and for the country. At the time of campaigning, every party will busy with their promotion and these promotions will be done through any of the methods like call, SMS, email, Auto Dialer and more.

OBD Services for Political Campaign:-

The word OBD stands for Out Bound Dial. An OBD call is initiated from a Call Center agent to the customer. In the OBD Services, there will be a prerecorded voice, when we pick up the call there will be automatic voice played which provide all the information we needed. It depends on us that we satisfied with the service or not after it will also some other option to connect with the customer service.
The OBD provides simple voice calls which are easily testable. Provide more skills it can be related to language or it should be related to the product.


An OBD service means when we call to customer care the automatically recorded voice plays which direct us and guide us to take steps for different and disconnects if no response was given. This is the main work of OBD Service.

Missed Call Service for Political Campaign:-

The Missed Call Service is a web-based application used to call on our device. As per the name, it is the services which provide benefit by giving one missed call. Both the user and the caller will get the benefit. This service is used in almost every field because it is free to use and take less time so everyone willing to use it. The user will get all the information whenever a missed call appears which is stored in the user’s dashboard as a history.
Voting plays a very important role when it comes to choosing our leader, best film star, or any show contest; missed call voting is very easy. As mobile technology has increased greatly, the Missed Call Service is very successful at the current time.


The best example of missed call service is for supporting anyone. There are many firms who want to take voting for someone and they want to give to support them than by giving a missed call from our cell phone we support. They will count all numbers of missed calls and analyze what people think about that particular person.

Bulk SMS For Political Campaign:-

Bulk SMS is a collection of a large number of SMS which is sent by the application-to-person. It is used by many companies like media, banks, enterprises and more for product promotion, voting, and campaigns.
Using SMS in Political Campaign is more useful and provide better results because every leader needs that people will vote for him by doing the SMS he will directly connect to the people and using this decent way attract people more. Using Bulk SMS reduces the cost which is not done by any other process. Using this service parties can share political information secretly as there is no way to read that message by another member of the party. Now a day, every youngster having mobile phones so SMS is the right way to communicate with them and convey the message so they will support the party.

Bulk E-Mail for Political Campaign:-

Bulk E-Mail is the mailing service used to send multiple E-mails at once. We can say that it is an advertisement or promoting a message which is sent by the organization or by the party in bulk. It provides a huge advantage in promoting and connecting the people with the party.
Bulk E-Mail is used by almost every political party as everyone wants to connect with the people for his or her votes which help in his or her win. We can send anything by E-mail which helps the people to understand and give support to the party. Effective communication will provide a better result in the election for the party. It is a digital world so sending the email will help the party to connect with more people and win the election.


Both SMS and E-Mail are also used for voting. Like in reality show they asked a question which includes some option and we have to choose the correct one and send them by SMS or by E-Mail. In this way, they will register our opinion and according to the number of selections, the result will give.

Political Polling Call:-

Political Polling Call is a type of polling in which people will express or give their opinion by selecting candidates or polling other things. A voice recorded call will dial by the candidate for the voters and they asked for the support its voters wish for supporting the particular candidate or not. Here the voter plays an important role in selecting the right person sometimes they will shift their opinion dramatically time to time as the voting time comes near. Succeeding in a political campaign, we need to understand the demand and the attitude of the people.
Political polling is organized by the organization having a different method which helps them in counting the result and collecting the response from the customers. The Political Campaign is more important as it helps and understands the meaning of the campaign and the election of the people.


In political polling the candidate calls the entire registered voter for the sport or for helping them in their win, it depends on the voter either they will support them or not. Because we can’t force the voters, it’s their view that they want to support the candidate.

Public Opinion Calls and Analysis:-


The example of a Political Opinion call is that, we need to find the best leader for our society so we are going to take the public opinion, what they think and this whole process is done by calling each and every person and take their opinion what they think and according to the analysis of the data we will find the result.