For any company that wishes to provide good quality customer service, a call center is a necessity. And for companies which want to reach out to their potential customers or conduct surveys for better services, an Outbound Call Center Software Solution is what they need.

What is an outbound call center?

An outbound call center is configured to send out more calls than to receive. Here, agents or automated dialers are there to make calls to potential customers, survey respondents, and to perform other telemarketing and telecasting functions. An Outbound Call Center Software Solution, that you will be using, needs to have specific features to facilitate these functions.

Why outbound and not inbound?

While inbound call center is useful for customer care services to resolve issues and provide assistance as and when needed by the caller, outbound is more useful when you need to reach your customer first. Thus, you need to choose your call center specialization according to your company’s requirements. You also need to keep in mind that not everyone wants to be contacted by the company very often, and even if they do, they want it to be as fast as possible. So it is important to optimize your interactions and use good Outbound Call Center Software Solution.

Why use an outbound call center software solution?

  • Outbound Call Center Software Solution has features such as auto dialing, progressive dialing etc to make your system faster and more efficient thus increasing your productivity rate as a whole.
  • Outbound Call Center Software automate most of the process and provide a hoard of information and functions to record calls and analyze them for data which ultimately increases the actual time spent interacting with your prospects and delivering service.
  • An outbound call center software system allows you to host your call center from anywhere, be it the office or from home. It also requires minimal setup cost and maintenance cost.

All-in-all Outbound Call Center Software Solution is your go-to if you want to run a successful, highly productive, efficient and minimal cost customer care service.

What features does good outbound call center software have?

While a good internet and VoIP connection are necessary for a good caller experience, some other features help enhance the agents’ capabilities:

  1. Answering Machine Screening: Automated options allow you to reach more contacts. Custom voice messages can be left on the customer’s answering machine and also returning callers can be routed to the same agent.
  2. Time Zone and Do-Not-Call List: Respecting customer privacy is very important. This allows agents to automatically call according to time zones and interaction preferences of the customer.
  3. Call-back and Appointment Setting: This allows agents to manage call-backs and appointments and automatically choose the best time for it.
  4. Live Call Monitoring: This enables call recording analysis, and also allows supervisors to listen and intervene on calls during training with features like call whisper and call barge.
  5. Real-Time and Historical Reporting: This provides the agents with data such as service level, average wait time, longest wait time, average handle time, number of available agents and so much more so that they know who they are calling and take dynamic decisions accordingly. Previous call logs, if any, are also provided.