Outbound Calling Software for Telemarketing

Telemarketing is the faster way to reach the customers on the basis of the data that specifies their interest. Using Telemarketing Software to make outbound calls is the best way as it removes the uninterested candidate at the beginning which ultimately saves the time and the money. It will also help in sorting out the buying habits of customers which decides the potential interest in a particular product. There are many marketing tools, they have high chances that the customers a miss-interpret product or given a message. But in the case of telemarketing, an agent has only one chance to represent the information in the right way and then customers can decide that they want to buy the products or not. So it is too important to deliver the marketing message correctly so the client can easily understand.

Using the software, one can store a large amount of data that is easy to transfer within the company which is very useful for us. This data will help us in building the predictive model using the data saved as customers profile and interest. This is what more helps the software to filter out the potentially interested customers.

Telemarketing software can also help in scheduling the calls as per the customer’s preferences. It can also filter out the weekend times, office timings and also peak hours timing which helps in building the call timing model. This will ultimately result in increasing the chance of customers taking up the calls and listen to the information that the business wants to deliver.

Telemarketing Software Benefits:

Multiple databases within the one system

The Telemarketing system is able to manage separate databases within each instance for making it ideal for agency work or multiple departments.

Data storage

Our advanced CRM is unique offers the possibility of virtually unlimited data storage. You will not be restricted for storing your data, can store much data whenever you want. The system is very scalable and is as comfortable in storing a large amount of data.

Marketing tools

Combining both the calling functionality with the fully fledged email marketing campaigns the automation makes this system ideal for generating more leads.

Highly flexible to future-proof your investment

As a powerful CRM, it is a very flexible software system. Almost all the configurations are done without the need for technical knowledge. With multiple databases, it is possible to configure each one independently and yet they can all be included in consolidated reporting.

Telemarketing Software Features

  • Multiple Dialers.
  • Flexible Dialing.
  • CRM Integration.
  • Reports & Real time analysis.
  • API Availability.
  • Pre Recorded Voice Mail.