Predictive Dialer Software decides how many telephone/device calls need to be placed. A Predictive Dialer Software is an outbound system calling software which can also automatically dial call from the list of the telephone number. It also works as Auto Dialer but the thing which makes it different from Auto Dialer Software is that dial multiple numbers at the same time.

Like other types of Auto Dialer Software, the predictive dialer can call the numbers automatically and helps the agent on-screen for busy signals, voicemail, no-answers and for the disconnected numbers which are dialed by the system.

The Predictive Dialer Software has been spending around for 30 years. The dialer software got their start first in the banking industry and was used for debt collection purposes. And since when the predictive dialer began as hardware solutions, many companies and the call centers now offer predictive dialer software that is basically based in the cloud. These dialers are preferred by many companies because they minimize up-front capital expenses and reduce IT costs.

Predictive Dialer  Software is regularly used for telemarketing, for market research, for debt collection, and for customer service follow-up. In addition, some leading qualified agents use Predictive Dialer Software to decrease the amount of time that they can spend on the phone with the leads during outbound sales.

Predictive Dialer Software Working :

Predictive Dialer software will dial calls ahead and many calls at a time. It will check the availability of the agents then Dialer will dial many calls at a particular time period. As it accesses too many calls at a time, it may busy all the agents for some time.

Too many calls may face the problem as there are no more agents to handle all the call this will result in the drop of some calls due to unavailability of agents. The Dialer will automatically disconnect those calls that are not connected. This dialing software doesn’t ask the agent to press any kind of key and many more it directly connect the customer to the agent who can solve their issue or problem. With the help of the dialer software we can earn more profit and we can connect many users in less time. The Dialer Software will forward the call to the available agent if there is no response given by the agent when the customer calls.